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and mixed STRUCTURES

3Muri Project X3

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  • Pushover and static analysis of masonry structures (EC6 and EC8).
  • Great simplicity of use and Powerful engine for the creation of computation models and their solutions.
  • Interoperable with BIM technology through IFC files.
  • Experienced and responsive customer support.
  • Innovative computation method (FME) for structure’s real behaviour to seismic actions.
  • Macro-element modeling of existing masonry structures.
  • Wide range of functionalities and additional modules
  • Reinforcement of masonry structures using steel and FRP frames or reinforced masonry.

3Muri is the best choice for new and
existing masonry building analysis

The pushover analysis is the best method to respond to the requests of
modern calculation methods for structures in seismic areas, with particular regard
to the global ductility calculation.

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3Muri Project LT X3

3Muri Project PRO X3

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3Muri Project LT X3 the package contains the same functionalities as the PRO version, but has a model size limit. 3Muri Project LT X3 support model size up to 800m2 in size and 3 stories in height of the building. The package also includes additional modules; Local mechanisms, IFC exchange and Sensitivity Analysis.

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3Muri Project PRO X3 the package includes the full version of the software without restrictions. This version of 3Muri allows analysis and calculation in accordance with Eurocode 6 and 8 regulations without restrictions. The package includes additional modules; Local mechanisms, IFC exchange and Sensitivity Analysis.

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We chose the3Muri software which provides the possibility of nonlinear dynamic global analysis of the entire building – 3D models, including new and old walls, flexible and rigid diaphragms, arclages with reinforcement and various types of reinforcements (FRCM, FRP, steel reinforcements). Seismic analysis is performed in accordance with EC8 and EC6. It contains national annexes defined in EC6 and EC8 for a number of countries. With a wide choice of modeling of different materials, complex calculation is carried out with an extremely simple and logical interface.
We can easily recommend 3Muri software and e-DISTI company who are available regardless of whether it is a professional engineering support or you justneed help using the software.

Igor Hranilović, B.Sc., Civil Engineer

3Muri – The best choice for new and existing masonry building analysis

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