What is AdriaBIM?

AdriaBIM is a department within the company e-DISTI that deals with the distribution of CAD and BIM software, implementation of software tools, training and technical support for the programs it offers. The range of our software is wide and covers all the need of engineers in technical fields such as construction, mechanical engineering, architecture, geodesy, electrical engineering, etc.

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A brief history of e-DISTI

e-DISTI d.o.o. is a fast growing company with extensive experience in distribution and maintenance.
The company’s business includes comprehensive solutions in three areas:

  • generators and UPS systems for uninterrupted power supply,
  • document scanners and signature pads
  • CAD and BIM software.

With our presence in all segments of the economy and the public sector, we cover the largest Slovenian companies, Internet service providers, health care, government and small companies.

The company e-DISTI was founded in 2010, when we started working as a distributor of equipment and technical support in the process of digitization of paper documents. In the following year, we expanded our business with a sales – agency program and became a company with extensive activities, from consulting, engineering, sales, education, to technical support and qualified & authorized service. The rapid expansion of the sales area to the Adriatic region through distibution through partner companies led us to open an office in Belgrade two years after the company was founded.

Professional attitude towards work and recognition of market opportunities have led us to expand our business. In order to ensure an uninterrepted power supply, as an independent supplier, we launched current solutions on the market, and our sales expanded throughout Europe. The motto “Always ON” has become our daily guide.

Since its inception, we have pursued values such as reliability, certainty, professionalism, responsiveness and partnership. We received special recognition every time our foreign partners and manufacturers recognize us as reliable partners, awarded us prizes or offered us new cooperation.

AdriaBIM is the leading representative of CAD and BIM software in the Adriatic region

It all started GstarCAD CAD software, in 2011. Since then, GstarCAD software has been used by thousands of satisfied users in Slovenia and neighboring countries in the Adriatic region. The GstarCAD program has established itself as a quality and affordable CAD alternative.

In 2018, we started offering BIM software and our software offering expanded rapidly. Our team in the field of CAD / BIM software ha salso expanded. Our presence spread from Slovenia to other countries in the Adriatic region (Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Kosovo).

Our team consists of several experienced engineers who will show you and teach you how to use our software. The goal of the AdriaBIM team is to make your work more efficient, higher quality and faster. We are extremely proud of our references and users from various technical disciplines. Our clients are companies, individuals, universities and other educational institutions.

AdriaBIM offers:

  • Consulting on choosing the right CAD/BIM software
  • Presentation and demonstration of software suitable for your business
  • Buy software at the best price
  • Subscription and/or financing the purchase
  • Education and training for use of our software
  • Organization of webinars, trainings, workshops, conferences and other events
  • Professional and responsible technical support from experienced specialists

AdriaBIM partners

Our partners come from different parts of the world, and we have presented them in one place just for you.


The most popular CAD software in the Adriatic region. Quality 2D/3D design program suitable for all technical areas. The main advantages are excellent compatibility with other CAD platforms, speed, stability, low licensing costs and the same user interface as in AutoCAD. Visit the link in the title for more information. There are 4 versions of GstarCAD software: Standard, Professional, Mechanical and Architecture.


3Muri is the most recognizable software for static and seismic analysis of existing and new masonry structures. The key advantages of the program are the calculation by the method of equivalent frames and pushover analysis. 3Muri was created by a joint project of S.T.A. DATA and a reasearch group led by Professor Sergio Lagomarsino from the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Genoa.


DiCAD STRAKON is a quality CAD / BIM software for the design of reinforced concrete structures. The program enables the design of reinforcement in 3D and takes advantage of BIM workflow. The STRAKON program will help designers avoid mistakes, shorten project development time, increase design efficiency and competitiveness of their business..


CYPE is a complete software package that is fully integrated into the BIM workflow. CYPE offers solutions for all technical areas and includes more than 150 design applications in all areas. It is characterized primarily by its innovation, application compatibility and excellent technical support.


A complete software solution for civil engineers and designers, which enables everything from static analysis, dimensioning of structures to automated production of details and workshop drawings for reinforced concrete and steel structures.


AxisVM is an intuitive, affordable static analysis program that has a modern and simple interface and is above all easy to use. Allows linear, nonlinear, deflection, seismic and dynamic analysis for a complete analysis of structures, dimensioning of strucutres and much more. A large number of additional modules are available for different types of constructions.


CADprofi are add-ons for CAD platforms, and there are 4 modules (Electrical, HVAC & Piping, Architectural and Mechanical). CADprofi offers practical functions for designing, library sets, summing element quantities, etc.


MeteorCalc SL is an efficient CAD add-on for the design of electrical installations, especially suitable for outdoor lighting networks, such as street lighting and tunnel installation. It enables fully automated electrical calculations, specification calculations and drawing of electrical diagrams.


Architectural BIM program that provides a complete experience of interior design and design. A lesser known program that can easily match other BIM programs in the field of architecture. ARCHLine is a program with innovative features, including animations and rendering, simple furniture modeling and fast creation of project documentation.


Software solutions for geodesy, civil engineering and geotechnics. The range of Aplitop software covers enerything from point cloud editing, terrain modeling, road infrastructure and tunnel design.

Spatial Manager

A simple and affordable add-on for CAD platforms (AutoCAD, GstarCAD etc.), designed for spatial design and surveying. The program provides convenient functions for engineers who are often involved in coordinate import/export, terrain modeling, spatial data management, etc.

Why cooperate with AdriaBIM

  • All in one place– all the programs needed by a modern design office for successful CAD and BIM design
  • Affordable price – with us you get the best ratio of price and quality of the program
  • BIM for small and large companies – CAD & BIM program price start at 299€+VATand are therefore suitable for all small businesses that need the program from time to time
  • Permanent license – all programs from our offer are in the form of a permanent license, which can save you up to 80% of money over a period of 5 years
  • All inclusive offer– includes: licenses, training, upgrades and maintenance with technical support
  • Multilingual technical support– we provide multilingual technical support in English, Slovenian, Croatian and Serbian
  • Online learning – for most software we run free online courses published on the AdriaBIM youtubechannel
  • Best user experience– thousands of companies from all over the Adriatic region confirm their satisfaction with our technical support programs. You can read the opinions of many users at this link.

Contact us by clicking on the link, fill out the form and our sales representatives will contact you soon. We will be happy to advise and help you.  

Also download the free demo version of the program you are interested in.