AutoCAD upgrade

Interested in upgrading AutoCAD? In this article, we will highlight some of the benefits of upgrading AutoCAD.

Do you have an older version of AutoCAD an are considering upgrading? This is definitely the right decision. The cost of upgrading AutoCAD depends on your current version of AutoCAD and the type of license. I

Older CAD users who are considering upgrading AutoCAD are probably already notified of license changes in the event of a transition to new licenses.

AutoCAD upgrade – subscription type of licensing

The AutoCAD upgrade also brings news about licensing. Autodesk recently announced long-term changes to the way its products are licensed. Due to the more difficult maintenance of two separate systems (permanent licenses and subscription licenses), the complany intends to encourage the transition to program maintenance through subscription through various measures. Existing users of permanent licenses are offered a cost-effective transition to an annual subscription.

The most important business changes include the cancellation of network licenses and the maintenance of permanent licenses. This change will be introduced gradually, while Autodesk will offer customers favorable transitions to subsricption licenses.

In 2019, Autodesk cancelled support for versions of AutoCAD 2010 and earlier, which means that licenses cannot be reactivated when you change your computer. Read more about it on their official website before upgrading AutoCAD.

Upgrading AutoCAD is the solution

Upgrading to AutoCAD 2022 allows you to have your license legal, always up to date (subscription license) and to use new great features.

The AutoCAD 2022 upgrade gives you the following features:

  • Trace – allows you to collaborate with other colleagues via the cloud, share drafts and comments. You can use it in AutoCAD web and mobile applications, as well as on the desktop. Allows you to add notes that are separate from the drawing itself.
  • Count – quickly count objects on the draft. The results in tabular form can be included in the draft.
  • Floating windows – you can now detach windows from AutoCAD and feel free to move them aroung the screen or move them to another screen.
  • Share current drawing– share your drawings including all external references, fonts, etc. Anyone can access the plan using a web link. You can restrict access to viewing only or allow editing and saving a copy of the drawing. The link to the drawing may have its own expiration date.
  • New AutoCAD home window – a simpler interface and a harmonized home page that contains the most common commands: open existing and create new drawings, access learning topics and access help and forums.
  • Technical preview – AutoCAD 2022 includes a technical preview of a brand new 3D drive that takes advantage of modern graphics (GPU) and multi-core CPUs.

Download AutoCAD 2022

If you have AutoCAD 2021 or earlier, make sure the AutoCAD upgrade is the right choice for you. Download a demo version of AutoCAD 2022.

Upgrading an AutoCAD program or purchasing another CAD program?

There are several quality, affordable CAD alternatives that are still available in the form of permanent licenses. Different types of licensing are also available, such as a network license and a USB stick. In case upgrading AutoCAD is a financial problem for you, tako a look at CAD alternatives that will surely meet your needs without upgrading AutoCAD.