ARCHLine.XP users Lafka Nikoletta and Antonis Kiritsis discuss their latest project, and talk about why they choose ARCHLine.XP for their design practice. Read the full interview here.

What do you do?
We have a construction office at the center of Athens. We adjudicate with the construction of buildings, cottage houses, and apartment renovations.

What was the reason you decided to design this specific project?
We were assigned to design a cottage house in Patmos Greek island for our clients.

What was the core architectural concept leading your thoughts through the creative process, what influenced you, where you and Antonis take your inspiration?
The construction rules when you design in the Greek islands are very strict to follow. We had to keep the traditional form of the existing buildings design, so our goal was to create a house that keeps the traditional architecture so it can fit in the natural environment and also be functional in a modern way of living. We also had to take advantage of the beautiful view that the sight offers and to adjust our design according to this feature.

What was the biggest challenge designing this project in ARCHLine.XP?
The biggest challenge was to design the environment, with terrain design options that ARCHLine.XP offers, in a way that will be specific and accurate the representation, so we could have a better approach to what is the best of exploiting the advantages of the sight for our clients.

What is your favorite ARCHLine function?
The easy way that you can design furnishing for interior design.

Have you ever been working with another design software before? How did that affect your experience with ARCHLine.XP?
We worked with Autocad software a lot so the transition was pretty easy because both are similar in the base understanding of design. But archline offers you a much easier and customer friendly environment for 3D modeling in parallel with 2D design.

What would you say is the best way to learn ARCHLine.XP?

The best way is to practice! Even if you have no clients yet, the best way to learn ARCHLine.XP is to see a project that you like and try to design it in the software. With the combination of the online video tutorials, of course, that the software provides you, but is important to use both ways simultaneously, nor the one or the other isolated.

Head designer Antonis Kiritsis, assistant Lafka Nikoletta, Athens, Greece