CYPE MEP is a revolutionary BIM software that covers virtually all areas from fire safety, acoustics, photovoltaics, all mechanical and electrical installations and more.

CYPE MEP provides everything you need, also for other areas such as architecture, civil engineering and similar activities. CYPE MEP packages are collections of specific applications intended for MEP design (HVAC, fire safety, etc.).
CYPE MEP software is completely flexible and you can only invest in the part of the program that is imporant to your profession, and if necessary you can add individual applications/modules.

In the MEP area, you can choose from several packages that include specific applications:

Different disciplines in one CYPE package!

CYPE MEP is a BIM package that includes applications for design and calculations in the field of:

– Fire safety
– Plumbing
– Sewage
– Heating and cooling
– Ventilation
– Electrical installations
– Lighting
– Telecommunications
– Acoustics
– Air conditioning
– Floor heating

See an example:

Why choose CYPE MEP program for installations?

CYPE users most often highlight the following features:

  • 3D moedling and 2D drawing (BIM design)
  • integration of ”Open BIM workflow” through the platform.
  • permanent licenses at affordable prices
  • simplicity and clarity of the program
  • applications are standalone and do not require a basic program to use
  • the possibility of integrating virtual reality – VR
  • facilitated project coordination and error control
  • compliance with various standards/regulations
  • cooperation with various component manufacturers (devices and other libraries)
  • regularly publish new applications update existing applications
  • strong community, regular webinars and excellent support
  • many options for interoperability with different programs
  • outstanding compatibility between programs

A few more pictures of use in different areas:

cype mep plumbing bim 1200x643 1 cype bim ventilation cype elektrika 1200x675 1

Price of CYPE MEP program

Price of the mentioned program is valid for permanent licenses. The price depends on the selected package. CYPE software is much more affordable than other BIM programs for designing mechanical and other installations, which usually require a basic prgoram (e.g. Revit or Allplan) and expensive support and maintenance services.

CYPE covers all technical disciplines, everything is based on one platform and you don’t have to worry about compatibility between different applications. Your workflow will be based on one software package and one central platform on which all project participants can be included, from ivestors, architects, designers to contractors.

More about the price of the CYPE MEP package:

CYPE MEP offers a solution that BIM skeptics lack. Install your first CYPE application and indulge in BIM.

Wide range of CYPE applications!

You will find many more useful and advanced software at the bim.server link. Download them in a few clicks and get started.

We have already written about the CYPEHVAC Radiant Floor underfloor heating design module at this link.

CYPEHVAC Radiant floor

See a more detailed analysis of the applications included in the CYPE MEP package at this link.

Free CYPE applications!

Another special feature of CYPE software is that free applications are also available.

For example, you can use CYPETHERM FUJITSU, a program to simulate the energy needed for air conditioning, for free.

Open BIM FUJITSU allows you to BIM model Fujitsu air conditioning systems.

nacrtovanje klime cype bim

Download the demo version of CYPE MEP

Download free demo versions of applications from the BIMserver portal.

You can contact us for a live presentation or more information.