We would like to inform you that we have published a new free series of STRAKON beginner tutorials. This collection of recordings – tutorials will allow new users to understand the basics of the software and start working on their first project.

What is STRAKON?

STRAKON DiCAD is a quality and reliable CAD/3D/BIM software designed for fast, efficient and accurate design of reinforced concrete structures.

STRAKON beginner tutorials for STRAKON 2022 – Learn with us!

Last year, AdriaBIM published a collection of recording – tutorials ”Tips&Tricks” for basic tasks in the STRAKON software (see here). This time we have prepared a complete recorded course for beginners in the STRAKON 2022 software (see here).

Our SSTRAKON beginner tutorials are one of the first learning courses to be completely free for all existing and future STRAKON users.

STRAKON beginner tutorials’ course will allow you to learn how to work in a software, from 3D model design, reinforcement drawing to drafting your building structures.

AdriaBIM provides its customers with technical support and training for the software we offer.

strakon beginner course tutorials

Watch the STRAKON beginner tutorials

Please take your time, download the software and start working on your projects. Please do not forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel here.

Try out the STRAKON 2022 software

Download the free demo version of STRAKON 2022 and start using the software immediately. Take a look at the ‘STRAKON beginner tutorials’ course and start designing your structures in BIM. We are always at your disposal for additional questions!