Tcp PointCloud Editor is a standalone software (from the Aplitop collection) that does not require a basic program to work. The program allows you to view, filter, edit and analyse even the most complex point clouds (millions of points. Point cloud captured by fixed and mobile scanners, based on LiDAR technology or generated by photogrammetric applications. The program greatly facilitates the work of users who deal with point clouds. The program is primarily intended for surveyors and civil engineers.

Watch the introductory video of Aplitop Point cloud processing software – Tcp PointCloud Editor.

Point management

You can import the point cloud in the form of the most common formats on the market. Points can have assigned attributes such as color, intensity, time and category. At points, you can performs shifts, rotation and transformation of cloud points.

1 point cloud g

Filtering and editing

Tcp PointCloud Editor has tools for graphically selecting points using windows, polylines, spheres… Selecting by point attributes such as color, intensity or category. You can easily filter points, select them and delete them as needed. Geometric selection allows filtering of points according to density, insulation and model. The terrain point filter allows you to specify points that belong to the terrain.

Edit commands allow you to change, delete, hide or show selected cloud points in another window, etc.

2 Filter by color g

Digital model

With the help of point clouds, you can create a grid and terrain view as well as terrain layers. Point symbols or model can be bas on height, incline, orientation, shading or orthophoto photos. You can edit the mesh interactively or add surface smoothing, remove spikes, etc. You can also import and export land plots and meshes using Tcp PointCloud Editor (file formats are described below).

Slope direction 3 map g

Profiles and volume

Tcp PointCloud Editor has tools for importing LandXML files and for calculating profiles from point clouds or model. It is also possible to obtain longitudinal and transverse terrain profiles. Floor plans are especially useful for BIM projects. The volume of embankment, ie the accumulated material, can be obtained very quickly by defining the circumference of the embankment by means of a polyline or by means of a layer. It is also possible to obtain data and volume for other surfaces (embankment and excavation) between models.

Volume 5 calculation g


The program also includes a simple CAD user interface that allows you to draw on different layes, point clouds and more. You can also export points, models and drawings as 3D PDF or video.

4 Profiles g

Tcp PointCloud Editor supports the following file formats:

CAD files:

  • DWG
  • DXF

Point Cloud:

  • Text (TXT/XYZ)
  • ARC / INFO (ASC)
  • ASTM E57 (E57)
  • Point Cloud Data (PCD)
  • Polygon File Format (PLY)

Meshes and surfaces:

  • LandXML (XML)
  • GeoTiff (TIF)
  • FIlmBox (FBX)
  • TcpMDT (MDE, 3MLL, SUP)


  • GeoTiff (TIF)
  • ECW
  • JPEG (JPG)

So what does the Tcp PointCloud Editor do?

In short, this is a simple, affordable program that provides features for the most common tasks associated with working on point clouds. Here are some of the features:

  • Import and export in the form of various formats on the market
  • Symbolism of points by color, intensity, time and category
  • Move, rotate and transform with control points,
  • Select points according to geometry or attributes,
  • Edit points bydeleting, editing or hiding,
  • Filtration by density, insulation and terrain,
  • Generating surfaces and meshes,
  • Editing meshes,
  • Import / generate routes,
  • Fast generation of longitudinal, transverse nad floor profiles,
  • Calculation of materials (embankment, excavation),
  • CAD drawing, including DXF / DWG import and export,
  • Creating a simple video animation,
  • Export to 3D PDF

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