MDT, used by thousands of users around the world, it is a complete solution for the development of all types of topographic projects, being possible to model the land of a plot to elaborate complex projects of roads or urbanizations.


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TcpMDT Standard

Surveys, digital terrain model, contours, profiles and volumes.

The standard version allows you to model a terrain using points measured by any total station or GPS, generate contours, derive longitudinal and transversal profiles, calculate volumes and visualise the terrain in 3D.

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TcpMDT Professional

All-in-one solution for Surveying and Civil Engineering projects.

MDT Professional is suitable for all kind of surveying projects for roads, urbanisations, quarries, etc. In addition to modelling the terrain, it has tools for designing alignments and sections, drawing of project profiles, area and volume reports, setting-out, virtual tour and many more.

FeatureTcpMDT StandardTcpMDT Professional
Point managementcheck e1590411141414check e1590411141414
Digital Terrain Modelcheck e1590411141414check e1590411141414
Contour linescheck e1590411141414check e1590411141414
Profiles and cross sectionscheck e1590411141414check e1590411141414
Volumes between modelscheck e1590411141414check e1590411141414
Grids and 3D representationcheck e1590411141414check e1590411141414
Design of horizontal and vertical alignmentscheck e1590411141414
Project sections and roadbedscheck e1590411141414
Earthworkscheck e1590411141414
Final groundcheck e1590411141414
Stake outcheck e1590411141414
Virtual tourcheck e1590411141414

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