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Floor Heating

Create underfloor heating as easily as never before. First you create the rooms, the heat zone and after that you can automatically generate the floor heating pipes. Of course, the floor heating can be perfectly solved for every situation. No matter how complicated the room geometries are, nothing is impossible with the floor heating plug-in. Information such as pipe lengths or room area can be inserted directly into the CAD as a label or exported as an Excel file.

Drain Pipes

No more constructing 2D lines! With the Drain-Pipes plugin, sewer pipes can be designed as a sketch and then generated in three line processes. Enter the DUs (Design Units) of the equipment to automatically calculate the dimensions, or enter it manually. Create device connections yourself and save them in your settings. Everything that has been designed can be exported as a material list, parts list or labeled directly in the drawing.


The creation of ventilation systems is hassle-free with the plugin and saves a lot of time. Enter your duct and pipe manufacturer directly so that the order list can be created and used immediately after construction. Devices such as silencers, exhaust air housings, filter elements and much more are also integrated in the plug-in. Automatic labeling is also part of this.

Multi Pipes

Line by line drawing is over. Multi-Pipes first inserts pipe risers, and then you can automatically tap the media and create an infinite number of pipes together. The plugin was designed and implemented based on the engineers’ years of experience. This guarantees a time saving of up to 60%. Benefit from the wall distance that you can enter in the plugin, the simple move, the changing of the height, and much more. The media can be adjusted as required for line thickness, line type, line color, etc. As in all plugins, the properties can be changed at any time.

ALCAD 2022




ALCADs 3D Plugins (HVAC/Plant/Architecture)

ALCADs 2D Plugins (HVAC)

3D Modeling of solids

One-time Payment (Permanent License)



Photo-realistic 3D Rendering Module




2000€ per year

500€ per year

*ALCAD is a permanent-license. HVAC/Plant Plugins 2D & 3D are yearly licenses.
17 icon


Drawing and drawing changes with the cursor and the context menu from the right-click on the mouse.


18 icno


Layer-Manager is active, even when using other commands, for changing the layer display.

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Classic as with older AutoCAD versions, or new, modern Ribbon with multifunctional features

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It allows you to switch back and forth between DWG drawings that are open at the same time.



Includes the name and version of the software, drawing name, and days remaining of the trial period

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Ribbon with administrative tabs of thematically structured groups of commands.

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Tools like snap mode, grid mode, object snap, tracking, scale, etc.

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Switch between model and paper space with any number of layout tabs

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Is activated via mouse scroll key. It is possible to set style, shape, magnifying glass factor.

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Includes the name and version of the software, drawing name, and days remaining of the trial period

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The integration of the command line increases the focus on design and reduces eye strain.

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A list of the most important properties of the selected object is displayed in the Quick Properties palette.

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Adam Mark

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Jessica Blake

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Shawn Mike

It’s amazing to see how quickly I learned about ALCAD and its plugins. The nice thing about it is that ALCAD has a video tutorial for every plugin. You just have to take a little time; after a few minutes of practice I understood the plugins very well.

I work very intensively with drain pipes in my projects.

Drawing Created with: ALCAD Professional

Used plugins: Drain-Pipes, Multi-Pipes, Text

As an engineer, we create many sectional views for large projects, especially for ventilation systems. What I really like about ALCAD is the ease of use (very similar to AutoCAD) and the fast, free support.

With ALCAD and the „Ventilation“ plug-in, I was able to create and insert the individual ventilation fittings with my own parameters. This made my work a lot easier, as the molded parts can be rotated 3D dimensionally in all directions.

Drawing Created with: ALCAD Professional

Used plugins: Ventilation, Multi-Pipes

I am a freelancer and make floor heating drawings for HVAC engineers. Every time I submit a plan, I get compliments that my plans look sharp and, above all, are very clear.

I have to thank the floor heating plugin for all of that. I was able to capture every room contour and fill it with pipes as I imagined. The material list extract increases my work speed extremely. I no longer have to pull out the piping lengths by hand, I have everything in the plug-in at the push of a button automatically.

Drawing Created with: ALCAD Professional

Used plugins: Floor-Heating

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Ada Grace

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Lara Stephany

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Taylor Matthew

At first I struggled a bit to understand the Multi-Pipes plugin. I was used to creating everything with lines. However, now my work is much more automated. It’s not just lines that I create with the plugin, but lines with attributes (height, medium, diameter etc.)

I can recommend ALCAD to everyone. It is very inexpensive, well-structured and you can always communicate requests / extensions that will also be implemented.

Drawing Created with: ALCAD Professional

Used plugins: Openings, Multi-Pipes

I really enjoy designing with ALCAD! I have tested various CAD’s, but I have to say that ALCAD is one of the best AutoCAD alternatives.

What definitely sets ALCAD apart from all other CAD providers are the MEP plugins. I love to work with flex pipes!!

Drawing Created with: ALCAD Professional

Used plugins: Multi-Pipes, Drain-Pipes

I always use multi-pipes for detailed plans. The nice thing about this module is that heights are integrated. In other words, if lines that are at the same height intersect, an error message appears stating that there is a collision. This minimizes my planning errors.

The second argument for multi-pipes is that you can create several pipes very quickly. Many thanks to Arnold from the support team, who always helps me with questions over Skype!

Drawing Created with: ALCAD Professional

Used plugins: Multi-Pipes

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