GstarCAD – DWG compatible CAD

The best AutoCAD® alternative


AutoCAD® DWG format

No data conversions, imports or exports. In GstarCAD you work with drawings directly in DWG format, which is fully compatible with CAD users from various industries around the world.

Familiar user interface

GstarCAD is designed to be as similar to AutoCAD as possible so that the user would not notice the differences between the two programs.

The goal is to significantly reduce the time and money that would otherwise be required to retrain when switching to new software.

Permanent license at a low price

When you purchase you get a lifetime license. That means, you can use the program indefinitely in a certain version. Future updates are available in the form of one-time upgrades or even cheaper with the Subscription AutoRenewal 365 subscription service.

Low hardware requirements
Dynamic Blocks Editor
3D modeling of solids

GstarCAD Standard

Alternative to AutoCAD ® LT 2D

GstarCAD standard CD box E disti

GstarCAD Professional

Alternative to AutoCAD ® 2D / 3D

GstarCAD professional CD box E disti

GstarCAD Standard offers extensive functions for universal 2D technical drawing. It enables technical drawings to be created according to international and national standards or your own standards. In contrast to AutoCAD LT, GstarCAD Standard also enables expansion modules and industry modules to be used.


GstarCAD Professional contains everything that the 2D standard version does. In addition, it offers functions such as dynamic blocks or a magnifying glass. However, it differs the most in 3D. Modeling solid bodies, importing and exporting models from other 3D software enable drawings to be completed more quickly. Of course there is also STL export for 3D printing.



Work area

Drawing changes with the cursor and the context menu of the right mouse button.


Layer manager

Layer-Manager is active, also when using other commands, for changing the filter display.


Apperance / Menu

Toggle between themes and appereances. Choose between Classic or new, modern with ribbon menu.


Drawing register

This allows you to switch between DWG drawings that are open at the same time.


Program bar

Includes the name and version of the software, drawing name, and days remaining of the trial period.


Registration card

Ribbon with numerous tabs of thematically structured groups of commands.

GstarCAD 2020 Interface Eng

For precise drawing

Use tools like snap mode, grid mode, object snap, tracking, scale, etc. to be more precise.


Model layout

Switch between model and paper space with any number of layout tabs.



Zoom on desired location. The tool is activated via mouse scroll key. It is possible to set style, shape, magnifying glass factor.


Command line

Classic but useful method of entering values, commands and other options with your keyboard.


Dynamic input

last with the integration of the command line increases the focus on design and reduces eye strain.


Quick properties

A list of the most important properties of the selected object is displayed in the Quick Properties palette.

High performance

High performance plays an important role in GstarCAD. Compare the behavior of frequently used operations with much more expensive CAD software.

3D visual improvements

GstarCAD 2020 offers more realistic 3D view. You can use multiple visual styles and adjust the brightness of the 3D display.


The new IFC import / export brings GstarCAD closer to the BIM world and enables users to work with IFC standards – Industry Foundation Classes.

Additional modules and applications for your industry.

Architecture and Construction | Mechanical engineering and manufacturing | HLS and industrial plants | Electrical engineering and automation | Surveying and cartography

Reduce the cost of your CAD software

With GstarCAD you can save a lot! If you are not so sure, reach out to us and we will be happy to help you select the correct license type and number of licenses based on your company’s needs and conditions.


Migration from AutoCAD to GstarCAD Standard will immediately reduce costs by 88%.



Migration from AutoCAD to GstarCAD Professional will immediately reduce costs by 84%.



GstarCAD Mechanical increases the efficiency of designers by 2.5 times compared to AutoCAD LT at a similar cost.



By switching from 100 AutoCAD LT licenses to 50 GstarCAD Standard network licenses, costs will be reduced by 68% immediately.


More than 650,000 engineers have switched to GstarCAD.

Test the program for 30 days free of charge. Download the trial version today!

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More reasons for GstarCAD?

Our users were most impressed by these properties …

Dynamic blocks

You can create similar elements of electrical or hydraulic symbols or symbols for building openings (windows or doors) in shape and size for reuse in your drawings.

Data extraction

GstarCAD helps you to create Bill of Materials and lists of objects from your CAD drawings. You can save the required data in an Excel spreadsheet and pass it on to your colleagues for further processing.

Smart tables

Link your CAD drawings with EXCEL tables with the AutoXls Table function for quantity, area or length calculations. When changes are made in the drawing, the table is automatically updated.

Filters running in the background

The innovative layer manager and reference manager allow you to change the filters for displaying layers or assigned external references (XRef objects) in your drawing while you are using other commands.

Program customization

Transfer the CAD settings and user files such as B. LIN line types, PAT hatch patterns, SHX fonts, MNU menus, dimension styles, plot styles, drawing templates (DWT) etc. quickly and easily. This will make fast and easy migration process from your previous CAD software to GstarCAD.


Are you developing an application for AutoCAD ® on a professional level or just for your own use? Would you like to use them with GstarCAD? Documentation for developers can make your migration a lot easier.

Editing of PDF drawings

Import PDF vector drawings (Adobe Reader) directly into DWG drawings with the option of further editing. You can use grid-based PDF files or images as underlay in drawings.

Fair prices

Perpetual license and upgrade pricing saves you 70% to 85% compared to annual rental license fees charged by your current AutoCAD dealer

Technical support

Online technical support saves your time and money. You don’t need to go anywhere, neither you nor our technician. Thanks to the remote connection, we can see your screen and discuss your questions without unnecessary downtime.

30 days free Trial

With the full version you can test the program for 30 days without obligation or limits. Then you can order a permanent license or continue to use the expired version as a free DWG viewer.

Mobile devices

A free DWG FastView CAD viewer with access to cloud storage and e-mail attachments is available for smartphones and tablets with Android or Apple iOS. In addition, the Professional version allows you also to synchronize changes with your PC.