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Affordable 3D BIM software keeps you and your company more competitive. Use BIM instead of the traditional CAD tools that many other small firms use.

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3 aspects of design

All in one comprehensive program. No need for extra plugins or add-ons.

Architecture – Certified IFC, RFA, DWG, SKP import/export, annotation tools, well-known CAD/BIM functions
Interior – tiling, mouldings, curtain tools, lighting, soft furnishing, etc.
Furniture design – parametric furniture design, object assembly, etc.

Cooperation and collaboration

The Teamwork tools makes available to work on the same project with your colleagues together.
Every part of your project updates automatically, so that the plan and the documentation are one coherent unit through the lifecycle of it.

Wide array of file imports/exports: RFA and RVT (Import), IFC, SKP, DXF, DWG, PDF, OBJ, 3DS, JPG, TIFF, BMP, PNG, GBXML.
Use Teamwork, dynamic drawing comparison and other team-focused features for better collaboration.

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Gateway to BIM

Projects are delivered in BIM from concept stage to construction, to make sure you stay competitive in a rapidly changing market. Read files from other BIM software. Collaborate better with other co-designers via the RFA import and certified IFC import/export.

Connect to online databases for millions of real-life building elements, all for a more accurate design.

Wide array of tools

Building tools (walls, openings, beams, columns, stairs, ramps etc.) – The ARCHLine.XP building elements automatically comply with the changes in your design. ARCHLine.XP coordinates the changes through the entire project. This means more coincise and more accurate design.

Integrated roof tool – Set up roof layers, edit rafter, batten, and purlin distribution, create complex structures, or use pre-defined roof shapes.

Site planning toolsSite planning tools enables architects to create and shape the terrain for building sites adding plateaus, zones, roads and parking lots

Design Phases – Design phases allow managing the existing state and the new construction plan at the same time.

Photorealistic renders – High-end visuals, „Redway” engine for powerful standalone and integrated renders. ARCHLine.XP also integrates with major rendering software products.

And much more…

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What architects say

Daniele De Zordo architect, ARCHLine.XP user talks about his experiences on using ARCHLine.XP.

“I’ve been working with ARCHLine.XP for many years since version 3.0, and I’ve been enjoying the ongoing update especially in the 3D part that has become increasingly sophisticated while maintaining the speed and ease of running 3D models that in our work have become indispensable to make the commissioner understand the design idea that often in two dimensional visualization remains unreadable to the unknowing eyes”