With our technology, geomatics products are obtained from the images taken by drones, and makes stereoscopic restitution very simple.

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Our first research project related to this matter had as its main result the launch of our TcpStereo application for stereoscopic vector restitution synchronized with CAD.

Later we worked on an R & D project consisting of creation of a series of computer applications that aimed to reduce the time of manual editing to create three-dimensional models, by combining the technologies of processing points with laser scanner and terrestrial photogrammetry.

Subsequent research in collaboration with several universities will allow the next launch of TcpUAV, a photogrammetric application with which you can obtain automatically both point clouds, digital surface models and orthophotos from images acquired on flights of photogrammetric type with conventional cameras shipped in unmanned aerial vehicles.


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APLITOP is a member of the Open Source Photogrammetry Foundation (FOSPHO).

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