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The technical support team consists of experts with extensive knowledge in the field of CAD and BIM software.

You can contact technical support with questions about software selection, installation, program usage or technical issues.

The application for technical support is done exclusively online.

Form for using support

TeamViewer Application

If neccessary, we organize a meeting with you and solve the problem through the TeamViewer application.

Technical error report

The application for technical support is done exclusively through the online form in order to ensure the expected quality and the following benefits:

We can forward your request to a specialist for that program so that troubleshooting can begin as soon as possible. Upon registration, you will receive a record of your request in the archive of your e-mail, which will facilitate further communication.

Written records will allow us to send frequent requests to the development team for further software development.For all common errors that happen to other customers, we can notify you in advance and influence the development of new improved versions.
We offer technical support via e-mail in English, Croatian, Slovenian and Serbian.

For customers who want the highest level of support, we offer a VIP maintenance contract that includes software upgrades and technical support 365 days a year.