• Bentley OpenTunelDesigner

OpenTunnel Designer

Tunnel Design Software Increase Productivity up to 50% with OpenTunnel Intuitive purpose-built tunnel modeling software that is fully interoperable with analysis and design [...]

  • Bentley Microstation

Microstation: Bentley’s CAD software

What is Microstation? MicroStation, a software solution developed by Bentley Systems, is renowned for its versatility and power in the field of computer-aided [...]

  • Bentley OpenRoads Designer

OpenRoads Designer

End-To-End Detailed Road Design Capabilities In One Application Main Street or highway, you can design and engineer road projects from start to [...]

  • ArchLine 2

ARCHLine.XP 2024 New Features

ARCHLine.XP 2024 is a CAD & BIM software platform for 2D and 3D design and drafting, with a focus on architectural and interior [...]

  • 3Muri modules

3Muri Module Local Mechanisms

In addition to the main module, dedicated to the global verification of the structure, there are optional modules are available to expand [...]

  • 3Muri modules

3Muri Module IFC – BIM

1.) 3Muri Module IFC - BIM (BIM2CAD) Introduction 3Muri Module IFC - BIM (BIM2CAD) enables 3Muri to be interoperable with BIM technology [...]

  • 3Muri modules 1

3Muri module Sensitivity

3Muri Sensitivity Module  - Introduction 3Muri Sensitivity Module - The Sensitivity analysis is a calculation method aimed to obtain [...]

  • 3Muri modules


3Muri module MULTI-THREADING allows to speed up the calculation by selecting the calculation method and using the multiprocessor. Two different solver parameters [...]

  • X7 video cover


WHAT IS NEW in AXISVM X7? New release of AxsiVM X7 brings some great news: New Modules New features in existing modules [...]

  • open project


As better described in the document, a new approach to the calculation of Local Mechanisms is introduced in the software: the kinematic analysis with “out [...]

  • Revit and CYPE Compatibility 2

Revit and CYPE Compatibility

Revit and CYPE Compatibility is a very important topic for all CYPE and Revit user! In short, CYPE Applications are comaptible with [...]

  • freecad 1

Is FreeCAD an AutoCAD alternative?

FreeCAD is a free software, an open-source parametric 3D modelling tool made primarily to design objects in 3D. FreeCAD is not really [...]

  • autocad alternativa slika

The most popular AutoCAD alternative

Is there a very good and affordable AutoCAD alternative? Yes, there is an AutoCAD alternative. There are several different CAD alternatives that offer the [...]

  • floor plate

Free STRAKON beginner tutorials

We would like to inform you that we have published a new free series of STRAKON beginner tutorials. This collection of recordings [...]

  • lumion render

Lumion – Rendering software

Have you already heard of Lumion? When you imagine your next project, what do you see? How does it feel? And will [...]

  • cype 7

What is CYPE?

CYPE develops and distributes technical software for Architecture, Engineering and Construction professionals. CYPE's journey began in 1983 with an intense activity in [...]


3D HVAC software – ALCAD

3D HVAC software – ALCAD We are introducing great news, the ALCAD software now supports 3D modeling of your mechanical installations. ALCAD [...]

  • AutoCAD nadgradnja 1200x675 1

AutoCAD update

AutoCAD update Interested in AutoCAD update? In this article, we will highlight some of the benefits of AutoCAD update. Do you have [...]

  • apllitop tcpmdt gstarcad

What is TcpMDT software?

What is TcpMDT software? TcpMDT Aplitop is a software that contains everything needed to process spatial dana, create a digital terrain model, [...]

  • ProtaStructure Whats new

What’s new in ProtaStructure2021?

Innovation is part of our DNA at Prota, a passion for creating elegant and practical structural engineering design solutions that make your [...]

  • bim-image

BIM – 10 Reasons to design in BIM

When you think about BIM you could imagine it as an evolution of CAD technology. Nowadays contractors and the public sector are increasingly [...]