As better described in the document, a new approach to the calculation of Local Mechanisms is introduced in the software: the kinematic analysis with “out of plane” behavior now works along with “in plane” verification approaches.

Furthermore, the non-linear calculation process is added to the linear kinematic analyses.

And in order to be able to analyze structures that do not have a “box-like” behavior, 3Muri Project becomes “OPEN” and the modeling by horizontal planes is now joined by the modeling by vertical planes, which allows the user to input irregular geometries in elevation.


During the day-to-day design, we were too often constrained by the limitations of the calculation in defining the model.

In truth, it is the calculation that should be at the service of the structure and not vice versa.

Let’s try to think of the Pushover calculation for seismic verifications: the requirement to be able to apply it is that the structure needs to have box-like behaviour, but very often we find ourselves working with buildings in which the box behaviour is only partially present, such as monumental buildings or building aggregates, in which the concept of plane depends on the structural unit in question.

This bears the question: Is this type of structure not possible to be calculated?, or does it simply need special attention that takes into account its peculiarities?

Obviously these structures must and can be calculated, but we must know how to identify the correct approach according to the portion of the building we are examining. Therefore, there will be parts of the building that can be calculated with the pushover (since they present Box-like behaviour) and other parts, for which a local verification such as a kinematic mechanism is necessary.

In order to be able to deal with the design as described above, a modeling tool without geometric limits is needed, this will be possible through a new input method that will be added to the one already present. In addition to the modeling for horizontal planes made up of levels, there is also a modeling for
vertical planes which allows you to enter irregular geometries in elevation with curved portions.

Obviously, the portions that meet the boxarity requirements can be calculated by pushover, while the excluded parts can be evaluated by kinematic analyses.

3muri open image 2


The walls modeled with these new methods can therefore be analyzed with all the kinematic analyzes currently available in 3Muri Project, that is to say: both in-plane and out-of-plane analyses, both linear and non-linear.

The functions described above (“In-plane kinematic analysis”, “Nonlinear kinematic analysis” and the “3Muri Project Open” optional module) are available for customers who already use the ML local mechanisms module as an optional module, to expand the range of the structures for which it is possible to carry out kinematic analyses.

For customers who do not yet have the ML module and want to enrich their configuration, the ML module is also available in its version extended to include the new 3Muri Project Open features.

Available analysis for structures created with the
Open Modeler

In-plane kinematic analysis – (Local mechanisms module)

A new mechanism calculation approach is introduced: until now only the kinematics with “out of plane” behavior was examined, but now “in plane” verification approaches are being added. Frames, arches and curved elements formed by colonnades are usually subject to this type of failure, which can find an answer in this calculation method.

3muri open image 3

Nonlinear kinematic analysis – (Local mechanisms module)

The non-linear calculation process is added to the linear kinematic analyzes currently present.

The advantages of this type of analysis become particularly evident in all those cases in which there are non-linear elements capable of influencing the mechanism: first of all, it is the insertion of a tie rod with elastic-plastic behavior which influences the result in the non-linear field.

3muri open image 4
3muri open image 5

Introduction webinar for the 3Muri OPEN module

In this video, our Technical Expert, Ing. Bruno Arias Van Lierde, illustrates the major 2023 news of 3Muri Project relating to the extension of the application of the software to irregular structures that do not have a “box-like” behavior, and to the renewal of the calculation capabilities of the static analysis and calculation of stresses on the ground.