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Bridge Design

Bridge Design


Bridge Design


Bridge design software helps address complex modeling, design, and analysis of all bridge types on both existing and new structures. With enriched problem-solving at every stage of the project delivery process, from planning, design, and engineering to construction simulation and analysis, Bentley’s bridge design and analysis software has it all.

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OpenBridge Designer

Modeling, Analysis, And Bridge Design Software


OpenBridge Designer provides the latest technology and capabilities to efficiently model, design, and produce project deliverables in a dynamic, interactive, and parametrically-enabled environment. This single application supports all aspects of a detailed bridge design including terrain, roadways, access ramps, and other related infrastructure assets. With OpenBridge Designer’s model-centric methodology, users will be efficient and reliable when managing changes to construction documents, such as clash detection, roadway geometry, and bridge geometry. Meet project demands on time, every time.

OpenBridge Designer provides the workflows, toolsets, and flexibility necessary to deal with real-life design scenarios. The application adapts to virtually any bridge design and maintenance workflow and is suitable for any concrete strength, volume, weight, structural steel grade, and beam type. Use a single product to create an interoperable physical and analytical model for steel and concrete bridges, which can be utilized throughout the bridge’s lifecycle.

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Tailor-Made Software

Create specific objects and information for bridge projects in one comprehensive, infrastructure specific application with automated modeling and analysis tools. No more scripting, workarounds, multiple applications, or specialists required.

Multi-Discipline Collaboration

Coordinate with multi-discipline teams to prevent conflicts early in the design phase. No more data transfers, no more communication lags, and no more cost overruns. Improve efficiency, quality, and costly delays with always up-to-date data.

Documentation And Constructability

Automate a comprehensive set of deliverables and continue to deliver 2D plans obtained from the 3D models, achieving greater productivity. Deliver plans, 3D design data, earthworks, reports, visualizations, BIM deliverables, and construction data to meet project requirements.

Bridge Efficiency with BIM models

Combine modeling, analysis, and design to evaluate multiple bridge options for improved design quality, constructability, and collaboration. Connect and enhance workflow processes for as built documentation, maintenance, and operations. Leverage full 4D analysis with no limitations: geometry, boundaries, materials, loads, pre-stressing strand patterns, shear reinforcement, cross-frames, diaphragms, and stiffeners, loading and combinations, construction stages, dynamic analysis, and nonlinear material behavior. Streamline your global projects as you choose from over 20 international design codes.

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