‘ALL-IN-ONE’ BIM Software

‘ALL-IN-ONE’ BIM Software






Architectural modelling is the first step in most BIM projects. During this phase, the building concept begins to take shape, and the spaces, uses, ergonomics, configuration and aesthetics of the building are established.

Within CYPE software, this task is carried out in CYPE Architecture, which allows professionals to develop an architectural model from the sketch phase through to the development of a detailed BIM model.

Defining the exact location of a building by means of a coordinate system and including topographical and urban planning data in the project can be carried out using the Open BIM Site tool.

adriabim Cype 1
adriabim Cype 3
adriabim Cype 4

Thanks to the thermal and acoustic characterisation and the description of the building’s constructive elements that can be carried out in Open BIM Construction Systems, the model can be completed with additional data. Once the architectural model is correctly defined, the project will be ready to receive more layers of information and to add the other disciplines to the workflow in order to complete the final model.

Coordinating and ensuring the quality of the final model are the main aims of the Open BIM Model Checker program.

Once the model has been developed, two very important phases of the construction project cycle can be carried out. On the one hand, generating the project’s bill of quantities using Open BIM Quantities, based on the properties of the developed model. On the other hand, extracting floor  plans, elevations, sections, construction details and perspectives, using Open BIM Layout, in order to generate the set of deliverables that make up the graphic documentation of the project.

adriabim Cype ikona 1 2

CYPE Architecture

Architectural design and modelling of
buildings, integrated in the multidisciplinary
collaborative Open BIM workflow.

adriabim Cype ikona 2

Open BIM Site

Defining the initial conditions of a project site
including establishing the geographical location of
models, managing different types of maps, and
entering topographical surfaces, parcels and
buildings, among others.

adriabim Cype ikona 3

Open BIM Model Checker

Reviewing BIM projects and
managing incidents.

adriabim Cype ikona 4

Open BIM Layout

Composing plans with 2D and 3D sections and
views that have been created based on BIM
models in IFC format from the same
BIMserver.center project.

adriabim Cype ikona 5

Open BIM Construction Systems

Describing the construction systems that
make up the building envelope and interior
partitioning system.

adriabim Cype ikona 6

Open BIM Quantities

Generating the quantities and cost
estimations of BIM models defined in the
BIMserver.center platform.

CYPE version 2023 includes new features and improvements,
most notably those made to the architectural applications
associated with the design and 3D modelling of buildings.


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