‘ALL-IN-ONE’ BIM Software

‘ALL-IN-ONE’ BIM Software






The Open BIM working methodology allows all the agents involved in the development of the project, in its execution and even its subsequent maintenance, to be able to consult and immediately work on the project, to optimise the technical options in an interactive way between each discipline, being able to control and exploit the project data, respecting the scope and responsibility of each of the agents at all times.

CYPE’s Open BIM technology provides more and more possibilities for collaborative work between the different disciplines of the project, between each application of each discipline and finally between the project agents themselves: developers, architects, engineers, control bodies, manufacturers, etc.

With more than 110,000 users, BIMserver.center is undisputedly the perfect platform to host a BIM project, set up a team, collaborate, review and visualise the BIM model on the web, or with augmented reality and virtual reality applications.

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Come to BIMserver.center

Register on the platform for free and start your collaborative BIM project
today using the applications available on the BIMserver.center Store.

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Any BIM model can be hosted, visualised and
shared in augmented or virtual reality, completely
free of charge from BIMserver.center.

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BIMserver.center Web

For consulting, visualising and managing the
projects developed and stored in

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BIMserver.center Education

The platform for exclusive educational use that
uses the integrated Open BIM workflow via the
professional platform BIMserver.center.

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Augmented Reality

For the immersive experience of visualising your
projects in augmented reality, exploring inside
the models.

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Virtual Reality

For managing and inspecting projects hosted in
BIMserver.center, within a virtual environment.

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BIMserver.center Mobile

For consulting, visualising and managing projects
developed and stored in BIMserver.center.

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Open BIM Revit™ Plugin

Plug-in for integrating Revit into the Open BIM
workflow via IFC files.

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IFC Uploader

For attaching IFC files to BIMserver.center projects,
generating the glTF 3D visualisation files.

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StruBIM Uploader

Application for incorporating structural models
produced with different structural analysis
applications, including analysis results, into Open
BIM projects hosted on the BIMserver.center

CYPE version 2023 includes new features and improvements,
most notably those made to the architectural applications
associated with the design and 3D modelling of buildings.


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