‘ALL-IN-ONE’ BIM Software

‘ALL-IN-ONE’ BIM Software






A project at its most advanced stage will consist of several layers of information and several BIM models. Ensuring the quality of the models and making sure everything is in the right place can be a complex task and Open BIM Model Checker is the ideal tool for inspecting models, creating issues and detecting geometric collisions.

With Open BIM Cost Estimator, the cost of the project can be estimated in just a few minutes, and with Open BIM Quantities, all quantities can be extracted from the BIM model of the project and a complete bill of quantities can be created. Arquimedes is a multi-featured program, ideal for establishing customised cost databases, calculating quantity details and accurately breaking down the cost of construction projects.

With the design already completed, it is now time for the construction phase, where proper planning of collective protection equipment and signs is essential for the workers’ health and safety. With Open BIM Health and Safety it is possible to develop a BIM model with all these details.

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Open BIM Cost Estimator

Automatic estimation of the total construction
cost during the preliminary phases of the
architectural project.

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Open BIM Quantities

Generating the quantities and cost estimations
of BIM models defined in the BIMserver.center

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Open BIM Model Checker

BIM project review and incident management.

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Open BIM Health and Safety

Creating drawings in which the graphics and
diagrams required for defining the preventive
measures adopted in the Health and Safety Plan
are developed. Also, generating exportable
quantities of those health and safety elements or
units established in said Plan.

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The most complete tool for quantities, bills of
quantities, certifications, specifications, and user
and maintenance manuals for the building.

CYPE version 2023 includes new features and improvements,
most notably those made to the architectural applications
associated with the design and 3D modelling of buildings.


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