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OpenRoads SignCAD

OpenRoads SignCAD


OpenRoads SignCAD


OpenRoads SignCAD automates the design of standards for driven traffic signage and seamlessly progresses through the workflow to manufacturing. Quickly design and define panels, route markers, arrows, text, graphics, and layouts while maintaining alignments and spacing as you edit. Easily complete the workflow with a seamless transition to manufacturing.

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The Complete Solution For Designing And Manufacturing Traffic Signs

Transportation Signage Software


Streamline sign design for projects of all sizes, including roundabouts, lane controls, street signs, and major highway projects involving many stages and phases.

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Save Hours of Design Time

You can access a library of design objects like route markers, arrows, symbols, panels, borders, lines, and fonts.

Easily Revise Existing Signs

You don’t have to start from scratch or spend hours revising drawings. OpenRoads SignCAD’s dynamic paneling and automatic dimensioning capabilities adjust dimensions and maintain alignments for quick and easy updates.

Bridge the Gap between Design and Manufacturing

OpenRoads SignCAD does the cutting, layout, and formatting that are necessary for the actual manufacturing, also allowing for direct transfer of relevant information electronically without redundant—and error-producing—sketches or faxes. There is no need for any outside or third-party packages.

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