Map 3d Toolset is a handy toolset in AutoCAD, many users cannot afford it, but fortunately there is a alternative. Read this article and learn more about Spatial Manager software. Users of various CAD alternatives can use Spatial manager for their GIS and geospatial data tasks.

What is a Map 3d Toolset?

Map 3d Toolset is an integrated add-on for AutoCAD, it is a geographic information system and CAD data with an industry-specific toolset for GIS and 3D mapping.

Due to the high cost of CAD software package that includes the Map 3d Toolset, many users are opting to switch to great alternatives such as BricsCAD and GstarCAD.

Users may miss the tools for spatial data processing, the solution is the Spatial Manager, which acts as an add-on on war CAD platforms (GstarCAD, BricsCAD, AutoCAD, etc.) and offers many new possibilities within your chosen CAD platform.

Alternative for Map 3d Toolset?

Software Spatial Manager is available as a perpetual – lifetime license for a fair price and is a great low-cost alternative for Map 3d Toolset. Read more about Spatial Manager.

Advantages of using Spatial Manager

Spatial Manager is a add-on software for several Cad platforms, including GstarCAD, BricsCAD and AutoCAD. It enables you to complete many tasks related to surveying and geospatial data. Spatial Manager offers CAD users an easy and low cost possibility to import, export, edit and manage geospatial data. Spatial Manager can also replace Map 3d Toolset, many previous users who migrated to Spatial Manager highlight these advantages:

  • All the functions are very immediate and intuitive
  • Application of the main filters and styles while importing (not importing + querying, but more immediate configurable importing)
  • Import in one-click multiple schemas and tables from multi-table files
  • More modern source or target data providers
  • Interactive and synchronized Data grid for object data (in Map you will have only the data grid for cartography elements, not for AutoCAD objects)
  • Better and more practical file structure when exporting or Publishing to Google Earth (KML/KMZ)
  • Importing from OpenStreetMap, GPX, and others not available in Map
  • Immediate (not crossing through intermediate long processes) Importing/Exporting from/to point files (Excel, Access, CSV, ASC, etc.)
  • The main Data Providers have been specifically developed for ‘Spatial Manager’ (not third-parties technologies, such as FDO)
  • Access to servers (SQL Server Spatial, PostGIS, etc.) so easy as access to files
  • User data sources technology, which allows the user to define the parameters needed to access files or servers/services/stores by user, not by drawing
  • Background Maps from Google Maps, OpenStreetMap, MapBox, ArcGIS Online, Thunderforest, NeapMapand many more, not only Bings
  • Powerful User Background Maps, which allow the user to configure Maps from any WMS, WMTS or XYZ/TMS servers/services
  • User-defined back color or transparency for WMS maps. Bring maps to front
  • Background Maps captures as OLE objects
  • Search for Locations and Terrains functionalities
  • Perpetual licenses
  • Price


Read more about Spatial Manager here. Feel free to contact us for additional information, we will help you out with pleasure.  We are sure we can find a software solution to fit your workflow perfectly.