What is ProSteel?

ProSteel is a software for steel design and fabrication that helps you efficiently and accurately develop models and documentation for steel structures. You can confidently deliver an intuitive 3D modeling system that is perfectly suited to layout complex steel structures and extract engineering, fabrication, and erection drawings with automatic updates. Easily model structural steel shapes such as beams, columns, and braces, based on country-specific steel tables or user-defined shapes. Complete your steel design by modeling steel connections, either standard or custom, and automatically adjust based on the connecting members. Additionally, ProSteel lets you model comprehensive steel plate-work, including gusset plates and chute work.
Easily share your structural model, drawings, and information for review with the entire team You can transfer structural model geometry and design results from one application to another and synchronize changes over time and quickly share the structural model, drawings, and information with the entire team for review. Also, if you team work globally, ProSteel supports international standards.

What does Prosteel offer?

  • Deliver high-quality steel designs and fabrication

ProSteel is a comprehensive steel detailing and fabrication design software that helps you efficiently and accurately develop models and documentation for steel structures. You can confidently deliver an intuitive 3D modeling system that is perfectly suited to layout complex steel structures and extract engineering, fabrication, and erection drawings with automatic updates whenever the 3D model is changed. Additionally, you can generate and update in-drawing, external reports, and bills of material.

  • Create and modify structural steel objects accurately

ProSteel provides you with an array of easy-to-master capabilities to create and modify structural steel objects. Parametric connections and behaviors allow more complicated steel assemblies to be developed quickly and accurately. The template and style features enhance your productivity while you share and maintain standards. The large selection of modification features allow you to manage and maintain changes to elements while the provided view and classification capabilities allow you to change the way the model is displayed. Another powerful part of ProSteel is a mature API/SDK allowing you to write your own custom applications, which can range from simple to very complex based on your specific needs.

  • Increase efficiency and minimize errors in your steel design

A variety of 2D documents can be automatically generated from the 3D model. This increases efficiency and minimizes errors through a streamlined process to generate such documents. All drawings and bills of material are directly linked to the 3D model to maintain their fidelity and accuracy. Documents are created through integrated user-customizable rules, such as the powerful form generator for bills of material and the detail style wizard for all types of 2D drawing. Data duplication is eliminated by being able to share structural data across the entire project team by integrating seamlessly with other facets of the engineering design chain. This helps project teams streamline workflows, enhance collaboration, and maximize productivity. You can easily exchange the structural model with the structural analysis and design software application and share accurate and up-to-date 3D structural models with the entire project team. ProSteel integrates with other Bentley products, as well as the most common third-party structural products.

  • Develop steel designs using international standards

Extend the reach of your business practice and take advantage of global design opportunities by using a wide range of international standards and specifications in our design products. Use a vast array of international section profile databases, which are included at no extra charge, and take advantage of global design opportunities around the world.


Other technical Capabilities

1. Industry Leading Structural Steel Modeling

    • • Over 300 national and international shape tables and any number of user definable shapes
    • • Standard parametric connections are included and easily modified. Connections include: end plate, base plate, web angle, shear plate, splice joint, haunch, stiffener, purlin connection, and more
    • • Element modification capabilities such as drill holes, bolts, notches, polycuts, and diagonal cuts
    • • Templates and styles – Recorded settings for sharing and maintaining standards in all the dialog boxes
      • Structural parametric objects for quick modeling, including: staircase towers, handrails, ladders, bracing, portal frames, wall claddings, purlin systems, truss/lattice girders, platforms round and rectangular, and walkways

2. World-class Steel Documentation

    • • Generate parts lists and bills of material (BOM) in single or batch process
      • Customize drawing output based on user-defined detail styles and preferences
      • Automatically update drawings based on changes to the 3D model
      • Quickly extract fabrication, erection, and general arrangement drawings

3. Interoperability

    • • Provides integrated capabilities, minimizes duplication between various software platforms and easily investigate alternative designs.
    • • Easily collaborate with other disciplines by sharing and referencing project information
    • • Output in many file formats such as IFC, ISM, iModels, and 3D PDF
    • • Integrate with Bentley and third-party software: STAAD, RAM, SDNF 2/SDNF 3, CIS/2 (CIMSTEEL), SCIA ESA-PT, Dlubal RSTAB, KISS, DSTV-NC, and DSTV-PPS
    • • Detail output to CNC machines automates the steel fabrication process• Interfaces to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems

4. Integrate Modeling and Documentation Workflows

    • • Support for ProjectWise Managed Workspaces
    • • Share personal files including iModels and 3D PDFs directly from your desktop
    • • Access personalized learning, communities, and project information
      • Review project details and status, and gain visibility into project performance
    • • Coordinate work and share information with real-time project visibility

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