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Affordable 3D BIM software that keeps you and your company more competitive. Step up from CAD and join the BIM revolution.

Archline.XP LT 2

Gateway to BIM

ARCHLine.XP LT is the ideal BIM software for those, who are getting to know BIM, and already have some 2D drafting skills.
ARCHLine.XP LT helps you to produce high-quality 3D architectural design and documentation. Deliver better results in less time.


Meet Wannes Malaise, a CAD/BIM designer from Belgium, tells us about his experiences on using ARCHLine.XP to design a seaside block of apartments.

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Build upon your existing skills

ARCHLine.XP LT uses well-known CAD tools, so training time is cut short.

The software introduces BIM elements parameters and parameters to your workflow. You are not drawing lines to represent the architectural entities anymore. You will draw walls, slabs, doors and windows, which have an instant representation both in 2D and 3D.

If you need to change anything, the software updates all instances, viewports, sections and elevations. This is comprehensive planning where mistakes and errors can be filtered out instantly.


Are your colleagues or peers using a different software platform? No problem!

Exchange designs freely with other CAD and BIM software users using IFC or DWG™, DXF and RVT™ formats.

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Bundle for BIM and Visuals

ARCHLine.XP LT and ARCHLine.XP LIVE – The perfect bundle.

Transform your 3D model from ARCHLine.XP LT to ARCHLine.XP LIVE and you can create high quality visualization images, videos and live walkthroughs.

ARCHLine. XP LIVE enables architecture and interior spaces to be visualized in real time, simulating plants that move in the wind, waving water and other environmental features such as cloudy sky, sunset, people, vehicles etc.

There is no rendering time so that you can react to your clients’ requests immediately, on the fly and reflect modifications in minutes, regardless of the size and complexity of your project.