Allplan is an excellent BIM modeling softwer and one of the most famous programs that enables efficient design of concrete structures and modeling of 3D reinforcement. It is used by civil engineers, but also by architects, so users have two versions of the program at their disposal, namely Allplan Engineering and Allplan Architecture. Allplan Engineering software is therefore suitable for engineers as it allows the design of reinforced concrete structures in BIM. Let’s look more about these types of programs is there perhaps and Allplan alternative?  ?

Allplan for reinforcement design?

The Allplan Engineering program enables design in 2D and 3D. There are the financially more affordable Squared version, and the slightly more expensive Cubed version of the program. In principle, the Allplan Engineering Squared version is sufficient for everyday design tasks.

The program has a long tradition and is known for focusing on reinforcement design in 3D. Allplan is a program that has all the typical functionalities of BIM programs, such as Revit and ArchiCAD, and thus allows you good control over project documentation, fast and efficient design with as few errors as possible.  .

Allplan is particularly suitable fort he design of high – rise buildings. The program without accessories is not very suitable for prefabricated buildings and bridge construction. For such things there are various accessories or products from other manufacturers.

Allplan is extremely popular in Central Europe and is therefore also adapted to our local design regulations. Many properties and elements can be adjusted by the user (eg lenght of anchors, reinforcing bars, etc.).

What is important in the BIM program for civil engineers?

Users of new programs who switch from CAD programs most often point out certain criteria when choosing a BIM program. BIM program users choose primarily based on the followin criteria:

  1. Simplicity of the program
  2. Support in learning the program
  3. License price
  4. BIM compatibility
  5. Work efficiency

Great software for new users covers all of the above requirements, the user must choos the appropriate software for himself.

All factors such as simplicity and price are very important, and each individual must consider his decision given the circumstances..

In case you need a program for reinforcement design, the following programs are available:

  • Allplan Engineering
  • AutoCAD + ArmCAD
  • GstarCAD + GstarConcrete

Since the BIM design process is more reliable and increasingly recommended, two programs remain to choose from:

  • Allplan Engineering

Which program to buy is ultimately decided by the company or individual. Namely, it is neccessary to take into account the price, mode of operation, efficiency, learning time and draft quality.

3d reinforcement strakon

Allplan alternative for reinforcement design?

So is there an alternative for Allplanu? As mentioned in the previous point, alternatives exist. Alternatives are usually less known, but can be suprising in terms of usability and price.

Engineers have popularized the new Allplan alternative for designing concrete structures. It is the STRAKON program from Germany, which allows you to get involved in the BIM workflow. In addition to 3D design, it also allows the use of 2D CAD classic drawing, which suits people who are accustomed to the CAD system.

The popularity of the Allplan alternative is especially growing among engineers working on reinforcement and formwork designs. STRAKON is exclusively focused on the design of reinforced concrete structures, from classicreinforced concrete structures, prefabricated structures to bridges and tunnels. STRAKON contains all modules at a one – time and low price for a permanent license.

This is a great combination of the factors mentioned in the previous point. Users emphasize precision, simplicity, BIM compatibility and excellent education. In addition, this Allplan alternative is available in the form of a permanent license, and the price is significantly lower that other software solutions for engineers..

Read more about the Allplan alternative.

ALLPLAN and STRAKON compatibility?

STRAKON is an Allplan alternative that is fully integrated into the BIM process. STRAKON is compatible with all programs that support IFC files. Therefore, STRAKON is also compatible with the Allplan program, which means that your associate can use Allplan and at the same time successfully participate in the design and exchange of projects or IFC models. Allplan as well as STRAKON can easily import 3D models or 2D drawings from other programs and vice versa..

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Ofcourse, STRAKON and Allplan are also compatible with CAD programs, which means you can import your 2D drawings into STRAKON and bring them to a precise and detailed BIM model, which includes data on 2D drawings and 3D models that synchronize with each change. Keep your reinforcement designs at the highest level!

STRAKON is an Allplan alternative that suports IFC 2×3 and IFC4, which is the latest and improved version of the IFC format. IFC4 plays a major role in the interoperability of BIM programs and OpenBIM.

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You can also download a trial DEMO version of STRAKON.