What is a Robot software? What is the purpose an is there a Robot alternative, see below.


Robot Structural Analysis Professional is a program for static analysis of structures that is included in the BIM workflow and is characterized by direct compatibility with Revit. The Robot program gives you accurate and fast analysis, reports, documentation, and compliance and connectivity with BIM programs.

What is Robot Structural Analysis?

Robot Structural Analysis Professional allows you to perform different static analysis for different structures (wood, concrete, steel). The program works with the help of automatic finite element fabrication (FEM) and thus allows accurate analysis of structures. The program supports various standards and you can work in accordance with Eurocode regulations.

Here are some key features of Robot Structural Analysis:

  • Various analyzes of structures: linear, modal, nonlinear, seismic and temporal response analysis,..
  • Excellent compatibility with Revit (also part of the AEC package)
  • Compatibility with other BIM softwares such as ArchiCAD
  • Integration with Dynamo application
  • Easy load application
  • Analysis and simulation of wind loads
  • Easy preparation of reports and documentation
  • Design of steel joints and drawing details
  • Compliance with applicable regulations
  • Integration for viewing and storing projects on the BIM360 platform
  • The program also supports the use of the IDEA Statica program
  • And more …

Price of Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis

As already mentioned, the Robot Structural Analysis program is only available in a package with other programs for architects, engineers and builders. ”Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection” is available as a 1-year or 3-year subscription. The package price is much lower than investing in just one Autodesk product.

The price of a one – year subscription to the Architecture Engineering & Construction Collection IC for one user is 3.390,00 EUR + VAT.

Is there an alternative to Robot?

Robot is a great program, but it’s not the only one that allows this kind of work. There are several programs for static analysis. A fairly similar FEM program that provides the same functionality is AxisVM. The AxisVM program is a great Robot alternativa.

AxisVM also offers a range of different static analyzes, compatibility with different BIM programs. We can highlight the excellent data exchange with ArchiCAD (SAF / SAM files).

AxisVM also allows integration with the IDEA Statica program designed to design steel joints. It also supports working with Dynamo, which is used for parametric modeling of complex structures.

AxisVM also enables convenient modeling of the structure in 3D, automatic load generation and fast generation of reports and documentation.

The only drawback of the AxisVM program would be that the program is not part of the Autodesk BIM360 service, which is used to view and store projects ”in the cloud”.

AxisVM is a Robot alternative that runs as a standalone program and is available in the form of perpetual license. The cost of a permanent license is significantly lower than the cost of one year of using the Robot program.

AxisVM is not the only Robot alternative, but it is very similar in software and functionality. AxisVM is a European program and follows the latest requirements and regulations in Europe.

Robot alternative – price?

Robot alternative such as AxisVM is in the form of a permanent license and works independently, as it does not require any basic program.

The current promotional price (2021 / 2022) of the AxisVM program with 12 additional modules is 2500 EUR + VAT. This package enables the design of even the most demanding constructions, in case the user needs additional tools or modules, they are always available. Contact us for more information about the offer.

Read more about AxisVM in previous posts or here.

The program is also compatible with other programs, read more here.

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