The 3Muri Project Local Verification suite is dedicated to the design of structural elements subject to local interventions, as required by the Eurocode and italian regulations. The software was created for the specific needs of construction professionals, which is why it is immediate and fast, with targeted functions aimed at calculating individual structural elements.

The software allows, in the first phase, the creation of a three-dimensional model of the parts affected by the interventions only, then performs the calculation of the loads transmitted between the parts and finally the calculation of the structural elements (walls, beams, columns, floors, etc.) . The model also allows to collect all the design information and provides an immediate summary of the progress of the project.

It is possible to calculate the individual elements directly without modeling them, simply by entering the required data and immediately verifying the results.

It is the perfect software for solving small complexities. On a practical level it is very intuitive; and quick in the calculation process.

Main features

The 3Muri Project – Local Verification Suite allows the calculation and verification of structural elements made of masonry, reinforced concrete and mixed-material structures. It is possible to model the entire construction, or a part of it, obtaining a partial model, in case the whole structure is not involved. In both cases, it is possible to calculate the stresses on the individual elements, proceed with the verification and, if necessary, design reinforcements.
Through a database that includes the main types of reinforcement, 3Muri Project allows the user to choose the most suitable intervention for the element concerned. For example, for masonry walls it is possible to foresee the application of fibers with FRP and FRCM technologies.


Within Local Verification Suite it is possible to carry out a series of local verifications on elements present or not within the model. In fact, this environment can be accessed in two ways:
1. Modelling the complete or partial structure, then selecting “3D Model”
2. Choosing to start a job directly with “Single Elements”. This item will involve the use of “Element verification” in stand alone mode, without the need for a 3D model.

If, on the other hand, the user chooses to model the structure, once it is analyzed, the verification environment will automatically divide into two windows, in order to have the simultaneous verifications of the single element that the user is going to select directly from the 3D model.

local verification suite modules

Once the macro-category of verification to be carried out has been chosen, let’s see how the guide messages highlighted in yellow also appear, accompanying us in our verification actions.

The types of possible verifications are within each macro-category to which they belong.

verification tab 3muri

Local Verification suite Modules

Local Verification Suite contains several modules. Particular module can be ordered separately.

The modules present in the Local Verification Suite of 3 Muri Project are:

1. Masonry local verification

2. Masonry openings

3. Local verifications on R.C.

4. Local verifications on steel

5. Floors

6. Arch

7. Retrofitting

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In Local Verification Suite there are several 3muri modules that can be included in packages or ordered separately to improve your workflow. Read about 3Muri modules.

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