In addition to the main module, dedicated to the global verification of the structure, there are optional modules are available to expand the software. Local Mechanisms is one of thee most popular modules.

LM “Local Mechanisms” 3Muri Module

In the existing masonry buildings are often missing systematic linking elements between walls, at the level of the floors, which means a possible vulnerability towards of local mechanisms, that can affect not only the collapse out of the plane of individual wall panels, but more extensive portions of the building.

3Muri Local Mechanisms Module is a calculation module inside the 3Muri software, which is dedicated to the evaluation of the building safety against such mechanisms. 3Muri Local Mechanisms Module exploits the versatility and the input ergonomics of the program 3Muri to finalize a spatial model on which the user can investigate the possible mechanisms.

local damage mechanisms LM module

If box-like behavior is not guaranteed, due to the lack of connections between floors and walls, the verification of local mechanisms is required: i.e. checking for possible detachment of walls out of the plane.

The Local Mechanisms module allows this verification by using the model employed for the global verification (carried out with the main module).

Once the model has been completed with the geometric data, loads and constraints, the software has all the necessary elements to carry out the local verifications. The designer will only have the task of indicating the zones concerned.

local damage mechanisms

Before proceeding with the local mechanisms verification through 3Muri L module it is

– To create the spatial model of the structure, the same that is used to perform the global and statics verifications through the “Walls” and “Structure” setting.
– Compute model Mesh through the “Analysis” setting
– Insert the parameters of seismic spectrum through the “Analysis” setting

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