AxisVM and ALLPLAN – IFC compatibility and exchange

Allplan users can export their 3D / BIM to AxisVM and perform static analysis. Compatibility between the two programs is based on IFC files. Combine the power of the BIM model and the excellent AxisVM program for static analysis and structural design. Read more about AxisVM!

See the following workflow clip in case of file exchange between Allplan and AxisVM.     

AxisVM and Allplan compatibility

Let’s look at an workflow example:

  • Export your Allplan BIM model as an IFC file. In AxisVM, click import IFC file and your 3D model will be imported. When importing a model, the settings for importing the model appear.
  • After importing the model into AxisVM, we need to define the materials and the static model (girders, knots and axes). We do this very quickly, with a few clicks.
  • Defining the load in the AxisVM program.
  • FEM network definition and model management.
  • After that we can start the static analysis and the results are displayed in an instant.
  • The dimensioning od the elements in accoradnce with Eurocode regulations follows. Identify reinforcement, protective layer of concrete, cracks and more.
  • After that, we can perform checks on the load – bearing capacity of elements and joints (columns, foundation control etc.).
  • Upon completion, the model can be exported back to Allplan as a .asf file, allowing you to see the required amounts of reinforcement, etc. in the Allplan model, and based on that you can design the reinforcement for you BIM model.

AxisVM is a powerful, simple and above all affordable program for structural egineers and civil engineers. The program is characterized by a wide range of additional modules, the creation of even the most complex static models and excellent compatibility with other CAD / BIM programs.

Download the free demo version of AxisVM X6!