When you think about BIM you could imagine it as an evolution of CAD technology. Nowadays contractors and the public sector are increasingly demanding the use of Building Information Modelling (BIM) for their projects. This requirement encourages the use of BIM in the construction sector. BIM offers architects, engineers and contractors better quality projects, construction, more efficient design, where there is less duplication of work, fewer hours spent, fewer errors and thus greater profitability. BIM is not just about 3D models, projects are full of information that are important for all phases of the life cycle of a building from “cradle to grave”. BIM allows us many new possibilities, as we can perform many analysis and simulations based on BIM models.


What is a BIM software?

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is an intelligent 3D model-based process that gives architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) professionals the insight and tools to more efficiently plan, design, construct, and manage buildings and infrastructure.

There are many BIM softwares that include BIM design and they can be different for each AEC profession, there are solutions for Architecture, engineering, MEP and geodesy. Most common are ArchiCAD, Revit, Allplan, Strakon, Archline and others. Many BIM softwares include enhanced compatibility with others software and enables teamwork for designers and this way it vastly improves communication between all parties and co-workers


Why to use BIM instead of CAD?

BIM improves every part of the project development and implementation process. BIM saves money and beside that it is is more efficient, intuitive and faster than traditional CAD solutions. Here are just some of advantages of choosing BIM over traditional CAD softwares.


1 Increased project quality

BIM contains all information about building elements in a fast and easily accessible way. There are also tools for clash collision and construction simulations with building phases. This allows better coordination and communication between disciplines, collision checking and virtual simulation before the project starts.


2 Centralized informations

BIM model is a centralized project, ideally all participant can see the latest model and drawings, they can comment and take actions and be up to date with latest decisions and changes.

The BIM coordinator controls and coordinates the flow of information in the project and maintains the BIM model. It contains all the different BIM models from different disciplines that allow evaluation and monitoring at all times.


3 Accurate estimates and calculations

The use of the BIM model allows instant inventories of material quantities and elements, costs and time consumption for a specific construction phase.

We have all of the above available for inspection at the moment and it allows us better control over data, irrelevant intermediaries and articles can be avoided. BIM is used for various simulations in every discipline for example energy consumption, structural analysis, sun analysis, daylight analysis and much more.


4 Better decision-making

Easy communication and transfer of information between all project participants – including clients – and a centralized and up-to-date source of information about the project facilitates information-based decision-making for better project results.

With all informations available including visualizations and easy/fast changes we can foresee many different alternative ways before the project is executed. It is proved that we can save our money and time with with avoiding the problems already in design stage.


5 Change management

Design and construction changes can be realistically reflected based on the BIM coordination model. By giving the client and the project team a better understanding of the effects of the changes and the latest information on current progress. The problems are generally visible at an earlier stage of the project and can be solved in a more cost-effective way.


6 Life-cycle Management

The ability to create construction simulations and processes throughout a building’s life cycle can help make better decisions. In planning and construction, conserving resources and improving sustainability, and increasing and maintaining the value of a building. BIM contributes to sustainability with possibility to have track of carbon footprint (materials and operation of a building).


7 Improved communication

Easily access project information, exchange data and visualize a completed project, making it easier for teams to communicate and collaborate, enabling better project results. The BIM model provides fast and easy access to all disciplines.


8 Flexible use

Depending on the use case in the life cycle of the structure, BIM can be used in several different ways. There are 4 types: within one company (“little BIM”), in all project groups (“Big BIM”), using a common software family (“ClosedBIM”), or the exchange of information about the model with the usual neutral form of the seller, which anyone can read (“openBIM”).


9 Competitive Advantages

Companies that implement BIM even in these regions before they become requirements will not only be more efficient and benefit more, but will also be better prepared for future projects as BIM continues to gain ground in the AEC industry.


10 New opportunities

Companies that use BIM demonstrate their advanced approach to potential employees and investors. This makes it easier to attract new projects and become wanted in your business and achieve new references.


More than CAD software

These are just some of the benefits of BIM for architects, civil / structural engineers and contractors. BIM goes beyond just architectural and engineering design software to create a digital representation of all the physical and functional characteristics of a project and create a reliable decision-making tool for the entire project life cycle. Many BIM tools have already implemented the CAD tools, but you can still use your CAD software and even use together with BIM softwares.

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