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Boosting Work Efficiency

FlexScan monitors come with ambient brightness sensors which automatically adjust the screen to the ideal brightness level which increases viewing comfort. Ergonomic stands feature height adjustment, tilt, swivel, and portrait mode display.

Prevent Eye Fatigue

Blue light is known to cause eyestrain and fatigue due to its high color temperature. FlexScan monitors come with a ‘Paper Mode’ function which reduces blue light to make the monitor resemble natural paper. This is ideal for reading websites and writing documents for long periods of time without causing eye fatigue.

Additionally, EIZO’s Screen InStyle software has a circadian dimming feature which reduces blue light exposure as the day progresses, mimicking the way the sun rises and sets. By using this function you can view your monitor screen for long periods of time without it affecting your sleep.

Designed to Save Energy

5-Year Warranty


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Our dedication to designing, manufacturing, and testing our monitors allows us to be confident enough in their reliability that we can offer the industry’s only 5-year manufacturer’s warranty. Furthermore, our global reach of subsidiaries and exclusive distributors are dedicated to providing professional after service.