Free Sketchup alternative – CYPE Architecture

CYPE Architecture is of particular interest to Sketchup users and is a very attractive Sketchup alternative. The program was developed with the aim of providing fast and efficient 3D modeling and design functions, especially in the initial stages of the project. However, since the program is free and similar to Sketchup, it is considered a true Sketchup alternative.

CYPE Architecture will open the doors of the BIM world to you. You do not need prior knowledge of 3D and BIM modeling to use the program – it is so simple! You can also always draw in 2D.

Is there a Sketchup alternative?

Many users don’t yet know that there is and excellent free Sketchup alternative. CYPE Architecture provides similar functions (extrude, etc.) for quick and easy concept design and contains much more.

During the development of the CYPE Architecture program, two phases of digital projet development were considered: architectural design and 3D / BIM modeling. The aim was to adopt traditional modeling tools (surfaces, edges, cross – sections, curves…) and new BIM modeling functions (walls, panels, roofs, columns, etc.). Together they allow the user to easily create everything he needs, from a concept to a detailed project.

Most importantly, CYPE Architecture is a simple and free program! That’s why it’s a great Sketchup alternative!

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CYPE Architecture workflow

The project starts in the program as well as in other CAD / BIM programs. We start by laying axes, laying floors, creating cross – sections and starting modeling in 3D, with the help of 3D solids or elements such as walls, panels, furniture etc.

CYPE Architecture is considered a Sketchup alternative, but the program is more structured, more efficient and allows more functions than, for example, BIM programs such as Revit and ArchiCAD.

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Wide range of additional equipment

CYPE Architecture is a part of a comprehensive cloud BIM platform, a service that offers software for all technical areas and covers the entire Open BIM workflow.

In addition, CYPE Architecture is a program that includes the following CYPE applications: Open BIM Vertical Connections, Open BIM Suspended Ceilings, Open BIM Office Furniture, Open BIM Residential Furniture and Open BIM Water Equipment.

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CYPE Architecture price

CYPE Architecture is free. Sketchup was also once free, and is now available as an annual subscription for around 600€ + VAT.

CYPE Architecture is the only program of this caliber that is currently free, and it enables revolutionary technology, making it the best and most popular Sketchup alternative in the world.

Benefits of CYPE Architecture

This Sketchup alternative offers a number of useful and effective features:

  • View structure (floor plans, sections, facades…)
  • Automatic synchronization of views and changes
  • Creating and editing plans
  • Use of 3D elements in modeling
  • Connecting to other CYPE applications
  • BIM compatibility
  • Cloud BIM server
  • Layers
  • Create geometry without restrictions
  • Lists of quantities and elements


CYPE Architecture is an ever-evolving program. Everything written so far about the program is just the beginning. The program has a bright future and a major role in the implementation of BIM technology for new users who want to join the BIM workflow.

Download and start using CYPE Architecture. Also follow the development of this great app.

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