Map 3D Toolset – is there an alternative?

Users who lack the Map 3D Toolset can replace it with Spatial Manager. Users of various AutoCAD alternative scan use Spatial Manager for their GIS and spatial data tasks.

What is Map 3D Toolset?

Map 3D Toolset is integrated into AutoCAD. It is a geographical CAD information system with industrial tools for GIS mapping and 3D mapping.

Due to the high cos tof existing software that includes Map 3D Toolset (read more), many users choose to switch to alternatives such as BricsCAD and GstarCAD. Users may lack spatial data processing tools, and the solution to this is Spatial Manager, which works as an add – on on various CAD platforms (GstarCAD, BricsCAD, AutoCAD, etc.)

An alternative for Map 3D Toolset?

Spatial Manager is a permanent license add – on, available at a very affordable price and is an excellent repmacement for the Map 3D Toolset. Learn more about Spatial Manager.

Advantages of using Spatial Managera

Spatial Manager is an add – on designed for CAD program users who need to import, export, manage and process spatial data in a simple and fast way. With all the features, we can highlight some great benefits which the former Map 3D Toolset users pointed out:

  • Permanent licenses without yearly subscriptions, at a very low price
  • Fast and intuitive functions
  • Search for locations in the CAD program
  • Terrain functions
  • Background maps (OLE objects)
  • Access to data servers (SQL Server Spatial, PostGIS, etc.) easy access to files
  • Use filters and display modes when importing
  • A more modern source of data providers
  • Data providers specially developed for Spatial Manager
  • User data source technology that allows the user to specify the parameters needed to access user files or servers / services, rather that drawing
  • Backgroung maps from Google Mapsa, OpenStreetMap, MapBox, ArcGIS Online, Thunderforest, NeapMap and many more, not just Bing
  • Powerful user backgroung maps that allow the user to configure folders form any WMS, WMTS or XYZ / TMS server
  • User – defined color or transparency for WMS maps. Map scan be put in the foreground.
  • Import multiple schemes and spreadsheets from multi-table files
  • Interactive and synchronized data network for object data (you will only have a data network for cartographic elements on the map, not for AutoCAD objects)
  • Better and more convenient file structure when exporting or publishing to Google Earrth (KML / KMZ)
  • Import from OpenStreetMap, GPX and others not available in Map 3D Toolset
  • Direct (without going through long intermediate processes) import / export from files to points (Excel, Access, CSV, ASC itd.)

See more about Spatial Manager. You can contact us for more information and we will be happy to advise you which software is most suitable for you!