NEW: GstarConcrete – Draw reinforcement in GstarCAD!

Do you use GstarCAD and also want to draw reinforcement in a fast and very efficient way? Read this article and try the demo version of GstarConcrete.

What is GstarConcrete?

GstarConcrete is a great cost – effective and powerful solution for civil engineers. It is a tool for planning reinforcement and formwork plans and is considered a successful ArmCAD alternative.

GstarConcrete can be used as an add – on in our popular GstarCAD program, which means that it is already well known to all CAD users and they can use it without further learning.

GstarConcrete originates in Italy and has a rich history of use in all European countries.

Reinforcement also in GstarCAD!

Our GstarCAD users have a variety of tools and accessories available in all technical areas. Users can already use CADprofi, Spatial Manager and Aplitop, and from now on they can also get GstarConcrete, which is intended for civil engineers involved in the design of reinforced concrete structures.

GstarCAD has become and extremly successful and popular CAD programe in Slovenia and elsewhere, which rivals even the most powerful and well – established programs. For this reason, we want to enable users to use it for the entire range of works and this time we can also successfully cover the design of reinforcement and formwork plans.

Advantages of GstarConcrete module

  • Permanent license, cheap, easy and great user support
  • Drawing of all types of reinforcement without geometrical restrictions. Whatever you draw in GstarCAD can also be reinforced!
  • Plans are parameterized, for example, if you chane the dimension of the bar length, that bar or element changes according to the number you entered. Another example is if you change the dimensions of the structure, the reinforcement changes according to the dimensions of the element and vice versa.
  • Update inventories of materials and positions in real time.
  • A number of intelligent functions are available, such as AutoDetect, where the programe detects polygons itself and automatically designs the reinforcing bars accordingly.
  • The programe can communicate with programs that use finite elements (statics), the results of calculations and analyses can be transferred via an XML file.
  • When using the GstarConcrete add – on, you can create automatic cross – sections using a line on the created floor plan of the building structure. The cross – sections are associative, meaning that the changes can be seen in all views.
  • Connection of the program with machines for fabrication of reinforcing steel.
  • Given its simplicity and price, the program offers quite a lot and many compare it to BIM planning.
  • GstarCAD thus covers the full range of tasks from geodesy and architecture to building structures.

autoca gstarconcrete


GstarConcrete Demo version – free

If you already have GstarCAD (you can also have a demo trial) contact us to create a free trial for GstarConcrete.

There are many new videos in the making for using GstarConcrete.

Contact us without hesitation to choose the most suitable solution for you work!

At the bottom of the GstarConcrete page, click on the blue ”Download” button. When you fill in the contact information, the download of the installation file will start and you will receive a demo activation code fort he GstarConcrete program to use in your email.

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