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This article describes the usability of the GstarCAD program and its CAD add – ons in all technical areas.

GstarCAD users come from a variety of professions that use CAD solutions. However, a number of add – ons and modules are used to increase efficiency and functionality. There are add – ons that can cover all technical areas or disciplines in one program. GstarCAD is an affordable and high – quality CAD solution that has the best available accessories for various professions, such as construction, mechanical engineering, geodesy, architecture and electrical engineering.

What is GstarCAD?

GstarCAD is a quality and affordable alternative to AutoCAD. It is characterized by similarity with AutoCAD, high speed and stability, all for a favorable price with permanent license. Given the quality and affordable price, GstarCAD has emerged as the best alternative to AutoCAD in Slovenia and elsewhere in Europe.

GstarCAD software is used by many large and small companies engaged in one or more industries. Many add – ons for GstarCAD open up numerous possibilities and increase the usability of the program. Let’s look at some recommended combinations or solutions for different technical areas.

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Main features of GstarCAD

Slovenian users usually point out the following positive features and benefits:

  • affordable permanent license,
  • 100% compatible with all CAD programs and .dwg / .dxf files,
  • very similar user interface as in AutoCAD,
  • fast and reliable customer support,
  • free DWG FastView browser is included for use on you phone and computer,
  • import IFC files,
  • fast operation and stability,
  • group work on one project – Collaboration,
  • wide support for importing files (wmf, sat and 3ds and exporting dwf, dwfx, wmf, sat, stl, eps, dxx, bmp..),
  • useful functions for printing to PDF, CAD to Excel, DWG conversion between versions,
  • comparison of DWG files, …

GstarCAD add – ons

There are many add – ons, ie GstarCAD modules that enable new functionality of the program. We have GstarConcrete, Artisan, CADprofi, Aplitop, Spatial Manager, etc.

We recommend the following GstarCAD combinations for a specific profession.


In the field of construction planning, the GstarCAD Standard is sufficient. However, if the user needs commands for 3D modeling or importing an IFC file from a BIM program, the GstarCAD Professional version is recommended. Designers who draw reinforcement will definitely need the GstarConcrete add – on. This accessory allows the user to quickly and efficiently design reinforcement for concrete structures without restrictions. For the field of civil engineering, the Aplitop range of programs, which also operate on the GstarCAD basis, is very useful.

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For architects who use CAD, GstarCAD Professional is recommended because it allows CAD modeling without restrictions. For architects, Artisan is a very practical accessory that allows you to visualize your 3D CAD models. You can quickly create animations and displays with realistic textures, etc. The user of the program can take a walk around the model and gain a sense of reality for their project.

GstarCAD Architecture 2021 is a novelty, it is a standalone program, which in short is a Professional version with additional features including 3D elements (doors, windows, walls, pillars, roof…). Most of the elements in the program are parameterized, which means you can detemine the composition and dimensions of the walls, dimensions of furniture, equipment, etc., which brings GstarCAD closer to BIM design, and combined with the Artisan add – on is a great solution.

An alternative to GstarCAD Architecture is the CADprofi Architecture module, which contains a number of additional commands and a library fort he architecture area, but only for 2D design.

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Surveyors typically use CAD programs with specialized tools. In this case, they are very happy with GstarCAD because it is stable and fast when opening larger files. The Spatial Mnaager plugin, which provides a number of features for processing spatial data, is recommended.

The Spatial Manager plugin allows you to import terrain, points, maps, export terrain points, generate terrain contours and more. Spatial Manager is also useful for GIS users and Shape file processing.

Aplitop is now available for GstarCAD, read more about this program.

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Mechanical engineering

In the field of mechanical engineering, GstarCAD Standard is very popular in combination with CADprofi accessories. CADprofi HVAC & Pipin gor CADprofi Mechanical are suitable for this area. For professionals involved in the design of all types of installations (ventilation, sewerage, plumbing…), the job will be greatly facilitated by CADprofi HVAC & Piping, which allows drawing diagrams and similar.

For non – HVAC mechanical engineers, GstarCAD Mechanical 2021is usually more appropriate. It is a standalone program that is and upgrade of the Professional version, tailored for mechanical engineers because it contains a number of additional features and libraries for the field.

See more in the clip:

Electrical engineering

The combination of GstarCAD Standard and CADprofi Electrical is very popular for planning electrical devices and installations, ie making CAD drawings. This additional module provides advanced and efficient tools for drawing electrical drawings, diagrams, schemes and contains a number of standard symbols and much more.


Many manufacturing trades and manufacturing engineers use GstarCAD. Users who use advanced CAM tools such as Solidworks typically need a 2D CAD program to control and refine the design before cutting or prefabricating the elements. The GstarCAD Standard offers more than enough foru such tasks. There is also a great little accessory for calculating and displaying a developed sheet – LITIO.

GstarCAD Mechanical 2021 is also suitable in this area.

Users who want to view and control large and complex 3D models can also use the 3D FastView program, which works independently. It allows you to import all 3D CAM models from programs such as Creo and Solidworks.

Fire safety

The GstarCAD Standard is usually sufficient fort he area of fire protection and safety. User can use LISPs and blocks from a previous CAD program without difficulty. No additional module is usually required in this area.


Many users who do not yet know BIM or prefer to stick to the traditional design approach, use CAD programs for their work. Some companies and individuals do not need BIM programs for their role and task.

One of the reasons for using a CAD program is that the company is not willing to invest time, knowledge and resources in the implementation of BIM. BIM programs require learning time because they have different functions and user interfaces, and are usually more expensive than CAD programs.

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