ProtaStructure Suite 2022 was released in March 2022. We are honored to present you a new version of ProtaStructure 2022, which was created thanks to the great efforts of development engineers.

What is ProtaStructure 2022?

ProtaStructure 2022 is an innovative BIM solution for civil engineers, as it enables modeling, analysis and building design in a fast, easy and precise way.

Use advanced integrated features, including multi-element design, static finite element analysis, construction phases, seismic analysis, foundation and shear control due to transverse force.

Easily manage changes and coordinate projects with architects, investors and other designers with intelligent BIM integration.

ProtaStructure 2022  enables automatic creation of quality drafts and all necessary controls and reports.

Why is ProtaStructure the right choice?

With ProtaStructure 2022, our customers will have access to more robust and cost-effective building design software, including a number of new features.

The biggest innovation in ProtaStructure 2022 is a new and flexible way of determining and placing loads on your model, in any direction and in any load case defined by user.

We listened to our users, and created new project reports and improved existing ones, such as integrated reports on the design of slab foundations, etc. In addition, a more sophisticated user experience awaits you when designing foundation slabs and retaining walls. To provide you with a more integrated experience, we moved static slab and foundation analysis to a 64-bit version and integrated it with the main program.

The ProtaSteel 2022 is fully available on a 64-bit platform. The user interface has been completely redesigned, promoting praticality without changing habits and usability.

prtoasteel joints 1

What does the new ProtaStructure 2022 offer?

Some of the most significant innovations in the new version of ProtaStructure 2022:

📌 Up to 10x performance improvement in modeling, general use and visualization in ProtaStructure 2022.

📌 New possibilities in defining loads, with more useful, clearer and more flexible load determination. Visualization in 3D.

loads in ProtaStructur 2022

📌 Brand new work environment and user interface in ProtaSteel module. Additional joint features, larger library, lighter design of steel structures, improved filtering and model overview.

protasteel slika

📌 Snow load calculations are now performed automatically in accordance with EC and TS regulations.

📌 New seismic controls, such as ‘Seismic Joint Spacing Calculation’, forces on non-bearing elements, personal adjustment of RSA factors and coefficients,

📌 Displacement calculation and ‘pushover’ analysis,

📌 FRP /CFRP reinforcements, and element assessment.

CFRP in ProtaStructure 2022

📌 Faster, more intuitive, with more automated design of steel joints powered by artificial intelligence

📌 Improved display of internal forces and diagrams

notranje sile graf

📌 Different international regulations

📌 Imperial (Anglo-Saxon) units

📌 New modeling tools – steel domes, curved beams

kupola statika protastructure 202

📌 New BIM file sharing system with Revit 2022!

📌 Two-way data exchange via SAF Data Exchange format (works with ArchiCAD, Allplan and other Nemetschek plaforms).


📌 Improved connection to SAP2000

📌 Export results to Excel spreadsheets

Watch a clip from the webinar – ProtaStructure 2022:


Download the demo version of ProtaStructure 2022 if you haven’t already and see for yourself the quality of the program. Also contact us for individual program demonstrations, we will be happy to help you.