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PLAXIS 2D is a powerful and user-friendly finite-element (FE) software for 2D analysis of deformation and stability in geotechnical engineering and rock mechanics. PLAXIS is used worldwide by top engineering companies and institutions in the civil and geotechnical engineering industry. PLAXIS 2D is ideal for a range of applications from excavations, embankments, and foundations to tunneling, mining, oil and gas, and reservoir geomechanics.

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Model and analyze geo-engineering projects with finite element analysis in 2D

2D Geotechnical Engineering Software

PLAXIS 2D includes all the essentials to perform deformation and safety analysis for soil and rock that do not require the consideration of creep, steady state groundwater or thermal flow, consolidation analysis, or any time-dependent effects.

Seequent is the subsurface software company within Bentley Systems. Together, we’re helping build a more resilient future by connecting the built world above ground with the hidden world below it. It’s easy to purchase a Virtuoso Subscription, through Virtuosity, Bentley’s eStore, and still get the expert technical support from Seequent’s subsurface experts.

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User-Friendly, Finite Element Software

PLAXIS capabilities work together to build a powerful and intuitive finite element package for geotechnical analysis of soil, rock, and associated structures. Renowned for sound computation, PLAXIS offers a large range of material models to accurately model the behavior of various soils and rock types, which together provide realistic assessment of stresses and displacements.

Fast And Efficient, Finite Element Model Creation

PLAXIS guides users across several modes to efficiently create models with a logical geotechnical workflow. PLAXIS 2D models geometry via predefined structural element types and loading types using CAD-like drawing capabilities that lead to fast and efficient finite-element model creation.
For tunnel solutions, a designer wizard builds off quick creation and can edit tunnel cross-sections, specify reinforcements, tunnel lining, and loading conditions. The Mesh mode features automatic and manual mesh refinements, automatic generation of irregular and regular meshes, and capabilities to inspect the mesh quality.

Drive Efficiency With Multidiscipline Workflows

Create logical geotechnical digital workflows that take projects from subsurface imports through design and analysis to various outputs.

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