StruBIM Steel – a free program for designing steel structures

StruBIM Steel (Free Launch Edition) is a free program for designing and modeling steel structures and making BIM models. It is a program from the CYPE software collection that covers all technical areas of design.

What is StruBIM Steel?

This program allows users to create a precise Bim model for a steel structure that includes all the neccessary elements (cross – sections, plates, screws, welded joints and anchors) to determine the structure. The program allows you to create drafts in DSTV format.

StruBIM Steel is a free and highly efficient program for steel structures, which has a bright future. We will need to include some more features and enrich the library of predefined compounds to fully satisfy our users.

Because of this and because we believe that enabling users to use the program in the early stages of development will provide a better understanding of their need, we have released this version.

StruBIM Steel (Free Launch Edition) is a free version, with no expiration date and no restrictions. It can be used professionally and will not disappear when a commercial version of the program is released.

Users can then choose to purchase a commercial version that will allow them to continue working on projects created with the released version or a free continuation of the final version of the program.

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Start in StruBIM Steel

StruBIM Steel program for steel structures is integrated into Open BIM Workflow via the platform. This program imports steel parts from the IFC BIM project selected by the user. In addition to offering the ability to import cross – sections from pre-selected structures, the program also includes the tools needed to easily define structures.

During import, the program detects different types of cross – sections defined in IFC and offers the option to import by clicking on a cell in the ”Import” column. The column ”In library” indicates whether a cross-section is defined in the cross-section library. If a cross-section is parametrically defined in IFC, the program will import it, even if that cross – section is not in the library.

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3D work environment

The program offers a 3D work environment with a detailed view of the elements. The program looks similar to a typical BIM modeling program, only the program is much simpler and more transparent.

The toolbar is at the top. View management is on the left.

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Tools for forming steel structures

The program allows you to change the display (cross section, facades, etc.). You can also switch the view from orthogonal to perspective in the program.

The program allows modeling of individual elements such as sheet metal plates, screws, anchors, etc.

Parametric grid and axis generation allows you to easily and very quickly model steel structures.

Import of DWG / DXF drafts

You can also import your 2D drawings in DWG and DXF format in a very easy way. If you receive corrected/updated DWG drawings, you can refresh and update the imported draft in StruBIM Steel with one click.

Steel connection design

The StruBIM Steel design program has very advanced joint commands. Simply select two elements (e.g. column and beam), then select the type of joint and parameterize it with few clicks. Typical examples of joints (rigid, articulated, welded, screw…) are already available in the library.  .

You can edit the joints in a very clear and simple way by entering parameters and dimensions.

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The program exports numerical control files in DSTV format for sections and panels. The files are saved together with the IFC file in the project directory and in It also generates a report on the quantities of cross – sections, plates, screws, welds and anchors that make up the elements.

Material list scan be obtained with just one click in the upper left corner.

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The CYPE StruBIM Steel program is a free BIM program for steel design and modeling. The program ca neven be compared to programs that are already on the market.

The biggest advantage of this program is simplicity. The program has a very modern and clear user interface that does not require learning. You can start using the program as soon as you install it.

Download the free program

Check it out and download the free program: