3D HVAC software – ALCAD

We are introducing great news, the ALCAD software now supports 3D modeling of your mechanical installations. ALCAD is an excellent, simple and above all affordable 3D HVAC modeling software, which is especially suitable for users who want a BIM program for planning mechanical installations, but cannot afford expensive softwares.

Do you miss 3D HVAC installations in your CAD software?

ALCAD brings great news! From now on you can design and model all your HVAC installations in 3D! ALCAD enables modeling of water supply, ventilation and sewerage in a very simple and error – free way! Easily and simply draw channel and pipe routes, including falls and intersections.

Simply add elements such as grids and valves with just a few clicks, change the geometry of the installation, either in 2D or 3D, and simply monitor your project and spot any problems early.

ALCAD is a 3D HVAC software that enables fast and efficient modeling of your mechanical installations in real time, in 2D and 3D display!


Summary of some key benefits of 3D HVAC modeling:

  • Drawing in 2D floor plan / cross section, and at the same time in 3D view
  • the possibility of multiple windows with different views on one screen
  • easily create 2D cross – sections based on your 3D model
  • automatic creation of connectors and other elements
  • easy addition of elements such as grids, valves, diffusers, pumps, etc.
  • create component and cost estimates with one click (pieces of pipes etc.)
  • simple dimensioning and marking of elements in drawings

Summary of some key advantages in terms of 3D architectural modeling:

  • easy drawing of 3D architecture with the help of 3D elements such as walls, panels, fences, staircases, roofs, etc.
  • easy insertion of 3D elements such as doors and windows
  • immediately create a 3D model based on a 2D drawing

alcad 3d

The cheapest 3D HVAC software!

ALCAD is certainly the cheapest software that allows a lot for its price, and above all the modeling of 3D HVAC mechanical installations. ALCAD is also a great alternative to the famous Revit package, which is a pretty big financial bite for users. ALCAD is considered a cheap and excellent alternative to the Revit psoftware.

The ALCAD 3D package includes all libraries, accesories for 2D and 3D design of mechanical installations and 3D architectural modeling. The ALCAD software has a permanent license.

You can find ALCAD price below.


ALCAD 2021 (2D/3D) price

which includes:

  • 2D + 3D accessories; 3D HVAC (sewerage, ventilation, heating, cooling), 3D architecture, 2D HVAC , BIM import and more …
  • ‘+1000 symbols’ library

Package price: 399 EUR + VAT for permanent license (2D / 3D accessories included in the first year)

*after the first year, 2D / 3D accessories are paid 299 EUR + VAT/year in the form of an annual subscription

ALCAD 2021 (2D) price

which includes:

  • 2D accesoories; 2D HVAC
  • ‘+1000 symbols’ library

Package price: 299 EUR + PDV for permanent license (2D accessories included in the first year)

*after the first year, 2D accessories are paid 199 EUR + VAT/year in the form of an annual subscription

Download the 15-day free version of ALCAD!

ALCAD currently already supports 3D modeling of installations, not just drawing in 2D. The software is extremely powerful and effective for the mentioned price. We advise you to  see for  yourself  the quality of the  ALCAD software by downloading the free demo version.