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‘ALL-IN-ONE’ BIM Software






The durability, stability and safety of buildings rely on rigorous structural design and analysis. CYPE is specialised in this field due to their initial approach and extensive experience in the speciality of analysis and design of complex or high-rise structures.

CYPE has the best offer on the market in applications for the modelling and structural analysis of buildings, with highly detailed analysis justification documents for new structures or structural rehabilitation of buildings, either in reinforced concrete, steel, timber, aluminium, composite structures or in structural masonry elements.

Used by thousands of technical offices for structural analyses and controlling bodies all over the world, the software developed by CYPE guarantees maximum reliability in analyses and allows users to propose technical and economical structural solutions for the project.


CYPECAD is now compatible with the collaborative Open BIM workflow via the BIMserver.center platform. Any architectural model generated from CYPE Architecture can be used as a reference for the structural model in CYPECAD.

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Modelling, analysing and designing reinforced
concrete, steel and composite structures as
well as structural masonry elements.

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StruBIM Shear Walls

Designing reinforced concrete shear walls in
accordance with codes ACI 318-11, ACI 318-14,
NTC-RSEE 2017, Eurocode 2 and Eurocode 8.

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StruBIM Rebar

BIM modelling of reinforcement in reinforced
concrete structural elements.

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Portal Frame Generator

Creates the geometry and loads of frames made up of rigid
nodes and roof and floor trusses in a quick and simple
way. Provides users with the design of roof and lateral
façade purlins, optimising their section and separation.

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Modelling and design of steel, timber, aluminium
or reinforced concrete trusses and structures.

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CYPE Connect

Modelling and analysing steel-to-timber
connections using finite elements.

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StruBIM Steel

Modelling steel structures including all the necessary
elements (sections, plates, bolts, welds and anchors)
to define their manufacturing. The program offers
shop drawings in DSTV format as a result.

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Reinforced Concrete
Cantilever Walls

Designing and checking reinforced concrete walls,
working with cantilever, for soil retention, both on
strip footing and on capping beams.

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Embedded Retaining Walls

Analysing, designing and reinforcing reinforced
concrete walls, concrete piles, mini piles and metal
sheet pile walls.

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Box Culverts

Designing and checking reinforced concrete frames
used in road underpasses and drainage works.

CYPE version 2023 includes new features and improvements,
most notably those made to the architectural applications
associated with the design and 3D modelling of buildings.


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