What is Civil 3D and is there a Civil 3D alternative? Autodesk Civil 3D is a unique program for the design of civil engineering, hydraulic structures and utility infrastructure. Civil 3D software is a solution for civil engineers, intended fort he preparation of technical documentation and project analysis. The program supports computer – aided design (CAD) and building information modeling (BIM). Let’s see more about the program and whether there is an another similar program.

What is Autodesk Civil 3D?

With the help of Civil 3D, it is easy to understand project operations, maintain proceses and data, and get an extremely fast response to project changes.

Civil 3D is a powerful software suitable for a variety of design tasks. Civil 3D is used by civil engineers, surveyors and architects to plan and manage civil engineering projects..

These projects fall into three main categories: land management, water and transport. This includes construction area planning, construction, road construction, hydro construction, construction of bridges, infrastructure facilities, canals, embankments, tunnels, excavations and much more.

For better planning of engineering projects

Autodesk Civil 3D is a software solution for construction projects and technical documentation supported by BIM workflow.

On various types of civil infrastructure projects, including roads and highways, land development, railways, airports and water, Civil 3D helps civil infrastructure professionals improve project performance, maintain data and processes, and respond more quickly to project changes. In addition, users can help simplify long – term tasks such as intersections, planning roundabouts and corridors, setting up land plots, pipes and sorting with special tools and glexible design standards.

Main features of Civil 3D:

  • Tools for GIS spatial data management and integration of GIS data into the project.
  • Facilitates work, reduces the number of iterations on the project, simplifies long – term tasks.
  • Link planning with documentation to increase productivity and ensure higher quality.
  • Drafting, profiles and cross – sections for roads, landscaping and other construction projects.
  • Consistent design and view structure in the project.
  • Access to spatial data stored in files, databases and online services.
  • Standard data scheme, automated business processes and report templates for Electric North America, Electric Europe, Water, Wastewater, Gas industry.
  • Use water visualization, simulation and analysis tools integrated into the planning process to improve project performance and decision making.
  • Collaboration features help you overcome challenges in team coordination and workflow in civil engineering projects.

What is the difference between AutoCAD and Civil 3D?

AutoCAD is a classic CAD program for drawing 2D drawings, without the special features needed for fast and efficient creation of BIM projects. Civil 3D is a civil engineering program developed on the AutoCAD platform and works as a standalone program, not as an add-on. It contains many advanced features for modeling, calculations and analysis.

Civil 3D has hundreds of routines that simplify the planning process for the projects mentioned in the previous point (construction, civil engineering, infrastructure, field interventions.

Who is Civil 3D suitable for?

Designers make their work much easier when planning civil engineering projects, such as roads, embankments, excavations and bridges. Most users use Civil 3D for the following tasks:

  • Development and editing of digital elevation model (DMV)
  • Obtaining the amount of excavation / embankment
  • Making cross – section of the terrain
  • Obtaining transverse and longitudinal profiles
  • Design of characteristic road sections
  • Designing a road route with stations and simple parameter changes
  • Integration of the project into BIM, ie conncetion with other programs such as Revit, Infraworks, etc.
  • Easy time – saving project change

Civil 3D price

The price of the annual Civil 3D subscription is 3,207 EUR, and the price of the monthly Civil 3D subscription is 400 EUR. The price of a three-year Civil 3D 8,658 EUR. Civil 3D software is only available as a subscription. Permanent licenses are no longer available for sale.

Is there a Civil 3D alternative?

For users for whom Civil 3D does not suit, functionally or affordably, there are other solutions. One of the Civil 3D alternatives is the Aplitop TcpMDT program. TcpMDT Aplitop is a software that covers everything you need for spatial data processing, digital terrain modeling, road planning and more.. TcpMDT is a segment of Aplitop solutions intended primarily for civil engineers and surveyors. It works as an add-on for various CAD programs and is available in the form of permanent licenses.

The program works as an add-on on all known CAD platforms, as well as on GstarCAD, and is a BIM software intended for civil engineers, surveyors, urban planners and environmentalists involved in civil engineering projects.

Main features of TcpMDT:

  • Spatial data processing
  • Development, editing and analysis of digital terrain model
  • Design of roads, excavations, quarries, etc.
  • Development of 3D / BIM road models

TcpMDT Standard allows you to create a digital terrain model using points measured by any device, GNSS receiver, importing files or connecting to online services. It offers options for generating lines, drawing profiles, cross – sections of terrain, calculating quantities (excavations and embankments), visualization of terrain and infrastructure in 3D, maps, import and export of GIS files, etc.

TcpMDT Professional includes all features of the standard version and offers tools for level and cross profile design, project proposal drawing, area and volume reports, scheduling, virtual tour, volume and volume measurements, plumbing, sewerage and rainwater, etc.

In the Professional version, the emphasis is on digital terrain editing options and road design.

Need more information?

Try TcpMDT on your CAD platform with a free 30-day demo.

Read more about this software: https://www.adriabim.com/what-is-tcpmdt-software/

If you don’t already have quality and affordable CAD software, download the demo version of GstarCAD.